How to Change your Name in CBSE Mark sheet or Certificate

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September 22, 2021
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

CBSE class 10 and 12 Marksheet are very important documents for students. During graduation, higher studies and also even in jobs, these documents play a significant role. In fact, the CBSE class 10 marksheet is considered a birth certificate. Therefore, any mistakes in these documents will create problems for students in the future.

Many students face the complication of name correction in their marksheet. Either their name is spelled incorrectly or father’s name or mother’s name is mentioned incorrectly in the marksheet. Making corrections in the name is a hectic task for students. Some of them get affidavits, others go to the CBSE office to make corrections. Due to the unknown and arduous process some infact, do not rectify the name and it continues to be written in the same manner. So, to help students here we have explained the process on how one can get one’s name corrected in CBSE class 10th and CBSE class 12th marksheet..

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Conditions for Correction in Name

A student can correct the name if any of the following errors are there in class 10 or 12 marksheet.

  1. Spelling errors in students name/surname.

  2. Spelling errors in students father’s name/surname.

  3. Spelling errors in students mother’s name/surname

How to apply / Procedure for applying for Change in Name/Correction in Name:

There is an easy procedure for getting one's name changed or corrected in their marksheet or certificate. It merely involves 4 simple steps. These have been explained below.

1. Downloading of the Application Form

You first need to download& printthe Application that can be accessed from the url given belowand thereafter take a printout of the application form. The url for the application form is

2. Filling of the Form

The second step requires you to read the instructions given at the bottom of the Application Form and fill up all the details in the form carefully.

3. Submission of Documents

There are certain documents required to be submitted in order to make corrections or changes in your name as given in the Admission form(s) filled in by the parents at the time of admission. These documents include the School Leaving Certificate, Admission documents, etc.

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4. Submission of Fee

Some fee is required to be paid in order to get the corrections/changes. The fee varies according to whether the name to be corrected isyours or that of your parents or whether it is a migration certificate or provisional certificate, etc. Given below is the breakup of different fees depending upon the varied documents and changes:

  • Fee for Name Correction in Mark sheet/Certificate – Rs.1000 (Fee of Mark sheet/Certificate Included)

  • Fee for Change in Candidate’s Mother’s Name/Father’s Name/Guardian’s Name – Rs.1000 + Actual Cost of the Document

  • Cost of a Migration Certificate - Rs. 250

  • Cost of Provisional Certificate - Rs 200

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Documents / Materials Required for making Changes in your Name

Applications regarding change in name/surname will be considered where such changes have been permitted by a Court of Law and notified in a Government Gazette. In the event of Court of Judicature allowing the change of name of a candidate, the same shall be carried out by the Board after obtaining relevant documents concerning change of name published in an official gazette. The documents that may be required have been given below:

  • The School Leaving Certificate of the previous school submitted by the parents of the candidate at the time of admission.

  • Portion of the page of admission and withdrawal register of the school where the entry has been made in respect of the candidate.

  • The Board may affect necessary corrections after verification of the Original records of the school and on payment of the prescribed fee.

Can CBSE deny Students changing Names on Certificates?

The Supreme Court in June 2021 found that a CBSE Rule stating that students were prohibited from changing their names on certificates as it would impact administrative efficiency was absurd. The court held that the Board’s bylaws were more concerned with the paperwork that they’ll have to go through instead of the students’ prospects. The Court ordered the Board to take immediate action and introduce a proper mechanism to record correction of a name or altering it, as the case may be.

It was highly disproportionate of the Board to use administrative efficiency as an excuse to make it almost impossible for a student to change their identity in the Board certificates regardless of how urgent or significant it is.



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