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Successfully steering your immigration case through the complex processes and numerous deadlines is extremely difficult if you don't have an immigration attorney. An experienced immigration attorney can prepare your petitions / applications and resolve issues on visas, green cards, and naturalization. Find LawRato to hire a top rated immigration attorney for US, UK, Canada and Dubai Immigration. 

What is immigration law?

Immigration Laws refer to government policies which control the in-flow and out-flow of persons from one country to another.
Immigration Laws affect the legal status of a person in matters of citizenship, nationality and domicile.

Who are affected by immigration law

Anyone who is thinking of moving to a foreign country, even if only temporarily to study, will be affected by immigration laws.
You may have married a foreign national who wishes to move to your country or vice-versa.
All legal issues that involve the movement of people across national borders involve Immigration Laws at some level.

Why do you need an immigration lawyer

A person will face several obstacles when moving to a foreign country either to study or for work or to settle down permanently.
An Immigration Law Expert can help you overcome several of these obstacles and can help you better understand the legal issues involved.

Why hire an immigration lawyer through LawRato

We have handpicked immigration lawyers across India and abroad, who have expertise in legal procedures for work permit, visa assistance, permanent immigration and citizenship, and can help make your immigration process easier.


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Advocate Farhat Warsi

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.1 | 100+ user ratings
Unitech Cyber Park, Gurgaon
17 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Bala Janaki

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 10+ user ratings
330 Thambuchetty Street, Chennai
35 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Rajeev Nigam

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.9 | 5+ user ratings
Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur
26 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Akshat Mittal

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.4 | 5+ user ratings
Sector - 4, Panchkula
3 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Vikash Shangari

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.3 | 5+ user ratings
City Civil Court, Jamshedpur
13 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

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Advocate Kanwarjit Singh Pruthi

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.9 | 10+ user ratings
District Court, Patiala
37 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Jorong Sanga

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 3.8 | 10+ user ratings
Pragati Path, Ranchi
17 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Vajrapu Manavallayya

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 5+ user ratings
Pedawaltair, Visakhapatnam
10 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Salil Kumar

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 3.8 | 5+ user ratings
Keecheri, Kannur
21 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

Advocate Manish Kumar Pandey

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.5 | 10+ user ratings
Kaladhungi Road, Haldwani
6 years Experience
Immigration + 3 more

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