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What is a property dispute?

A property dispute emerges when people or businesses clash over aspects like ownership, titles, boundaries, possession, construction, or maintenance tied to a piece of property. These disagreements may entangle family members, buyers, sellers, landlords, tenants, and other involved parties, necessitating legal help to find resolutions.

In India, property disputes are a legal challenge faced by many. Working through property disputes is often complicated and time-consuming. Hence it’s necessary to seek the proper legal guidance to ensure timely resolution.

If you find yourself entangled in a property dispute, you can use our dedicated portal to get legal advice online and connect with the right legal counsel to help you navigate through the complexities and reach a timely and fair resolution.

The different property dispute case types include:

LawRato Dispute Regarding Partition

It is one of the common family property disputes in India. It is related to the partition of joint family property arising out of differences among family members.

LawRato Disputes Over Titles

Title disputes are related to conflicting claims over the ownership of a property. It usually occurs due to unclear property titles, fraudulent transactions, or multiple sales of the same property.

LawRato Dispute Regarding Succession and Inheritance

Succession disputes involve challenges to wills, claims of preferential treatment of family members, or disagreements over how personal or customary laws governing inheritance are applied.

LawRato Encroachment Cases

Encroachment disputes arise when an individual or entity occupies someone else’s land or property without legal authorisation.

LawRato Illegal Conveyance and Sale of Property

Illegal conveyance or sale of property occurs when a property is transferred without proper documentation, forged signatures, or through fraudulent means.

LawRato Landlord-Tenant Disputes

The landlord-tenant disputes are common over rent, eviction, or when lease agreements are breached.

LawRato Dispute Over Boundaries

Boundary disputes occur when there is uncertainty or disagreement regarding the demarcation of property lines. This can lead to conflicts over land use, encroachments, or unauthorised construction near the disputed boundaries.

LawRato Eviction Cases

Eviction cases arise when a property owner seeks to remove an occupant or tenant from the premises due to violation of terms, non-payment of rent, or other contractual breaches.

Property Dispute

Steps involved in resolving property dispute cases

There are methodical steps to go about resolving property dispute cases. Here are some of the steps you can expect to encounter depending on the type of case:

LawRato Seek Legal Consultation

Seeking the right legal consultation is the first step in resolving a property dispute. Consulting with an experienced property lawyer can provide clarity on the legal aspects of the case, including property rights, relevant laws, and potential courses of action. If you would like to know more before making up your mind about choosing a lawyer, you can start by asking a Free Legal Question with LawRato.

LawRato Documentation and Evidence

Maintaining meticulous documentation and gathering compelling evidence is crucial in property dispute resolution. This includes property deeds, contracts, communication records, and other relevant documents. Your lawyer will assist you with property verification and precisely the documents needed for your case.

LawRato Partition Agreements

In cases of joint family property disputes, considering a partition agreement is a viable option. An agreement based on property partition laws outlines the terms of property division among co-owners, ensuring each party receives a fair share.

LawRato Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Centers

The ADR centers offer a platform for conciliation, mediation, and arbitration. It often speeds up property dispute resolution process. Choosing an ADR centre with expertise in property disputes can be faster and cost less than going to court.

LawRato Litigation

When mutual agreement through mediation and negotiation fails, the parties can take the matter to court. Litigation requires you to have all the important documents and a strong legal counsel to represent your case in court.


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Property conflict resolution can be long and time consuming, and you would need the best legal counsel to navigate the complexities. LawRato is your trusted ally in the process by helping you find the right lawyer. Alternatively, you may also drop a free query and explore our extensive legal guides, articles and FAQs to learn about your case.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How do I get a legal opinion for land?
A. You need to consult a property lawyer or legal advisor with the relevant property documents.

Q. Can I get a free legal consultation for a property dispute?
A. Yes, you can post a query on LawRato and ask for free property legal advice from the best lawyers in your city.

Q. Can I seek a second opinion about my property dispute through LawRato's services?
A. Yes, you can. Our document review services are excellent opportunities to gain a second opinion on your property dispute.