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If you are a Startup that has been incorporated or have a disrupting idea and are in the planning stage, it is advisable to consult a lawyer in the initial stages itself as there are many legal aspects like the founders’ legal rights, govt. and domain licenses, local laws, agreements with users and vendors, terms of use, privacy policies and many other related legal processes that should be addressed to avoid conflicts and legal hassles later on. Use LawRato to consult a top rated Startup lawyer in India and focus on running your startup business while your lawyer takes care of all the legal compliances.

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What are the laws that regulate startups?

Company laws, partnership laws, trademark and intellectual property laws, licensing regimes, industry specific laws and taxation are all laws which dictate how different business should be carried out.

Who are affected by laws related to startups?

Anyone who wants to start a new business or invest in a new business must consider the legal framework within which the business will exist, what protections it will offer and its limitations.

Why do you need a startup lawyer

A Start-up Expert can help you set up your business from its inception as an idea to a fully functional unit.
A Start-up Expert can help incorporate a private limited company or LLP and can help you draft the constitutional documents of your business.
A Start-up Expert will be able to help you with registrations for trademarks, service tax, import and export and different licenses depending on the venture.

Why hire a startup lawyer through LawRato

We have identified some of the best startup lawyers across India, who can help you with initial setup, company incorporation, partnership agreements, legal compliance, investments, mergers and acquisitions, ensuring your rights are protected.


By Activity

Advocate Prerna Oberoi

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 25+ user ratings
Sector 41, Noida
8 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Bala Janaki

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 10+ user ratings
330 Thambuchetty Street, Chennai
35 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Rajeev Nigam

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.9 | 5+ user ratings
Kanpur Nagar, Kanpur
26 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Divesh Sharma

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.6 | 10+ user ratings
Chitrakoot, Jaipur
5 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Vikash Shangari

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.3 | 5+ user ratings
City Civil Court, Jamshedpur
13 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

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Advocate Kanwarjit Singh Pruthi

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.9 | 10+ user ratings
District Court, Patiala
37 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Robert D Rozario

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 5.0 | 5+ user ratings
High Court, Kolkata
16 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Anmol Raj

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.7 | 10+ user ratings
Sector 16, Faridabad
3 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Jorong Sanga

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 3.8 | 10+ user ratings
Pragati Path, Ranchi
17 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

Advocate Vajrapu Manavallayya

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 5+ user ratings
Pedawaltair, Visakhapatnam
10 years Experience
Startup + 3 more

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