Legal action against neighbours who are constantly creating problems

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Sir, I am 20 year old girl doing medicine well educated family and discipline family . We are in living in rent house .my mom and dad as well as me also facing lots of problem from our neighbours .always they are trying to rule us..we didn't find peace in that place.always they r trying to do fight quarreling all shit things and talking and treating my parents very badly as a girl I am my parents are not allowing me to get involve in this problem but I feel very shame to stand behind and watch this kind of things ... We are not even seeing face slot talking to them for past 4 yrs but the people always torturing us to the extent .. we need some kind of peace in home but it always absence because of them..there is no sleep to my parents too because of them..can I make complaint against them in any nearby NGO's they can stop know bcz they think that the house was theirs they feel they are the owner of that house ... Wat I have to do for this. Don't Tel me that keep calm
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First all start recording those fights. and file a complaint before Police Station of your area. After that you can file a suit for injunction against your neighbours for peaceful living and non-interference before the district court in your area.
NGO is an additional option, where you can file a complaint against your neighbours. Also you have an option to file a representation before the MLA of your area or society.
buy First and foremost start recording the fights. they should be clear in video and audio.
for further you can contact me.
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How do I resolve conflict between Neighbours?

It is a good idea to arrange a meeting with the person you are complaining about and tell them calmly what your concern is. If this doesnt work out, youll need to write down your concerns. You must first determine if you have any legal grounds to support your side of the argument.

What to do if Neighbour is harassing you?

Call the police. You can call 100 to call the police and report your neighbor. Police can investigate at the neighbors house. The police can confiscate any items that could cause you harassment. 14-Aug-2022

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You have not mentioned whether house is yours or you people are tenant there.what is the issue involved for quarreling.if they are threatning you or inflicting mental agony to your parents many legal remedy is can file a written complaint in nearby polce station stating all the facts of their criminal intent and threat on your life and your parents life by the people involved in making your life a disaster. Or you can further contact me for your guidance.

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Mam you can file a civil suit of injunction against your neighbours in which you can claim restrain order from the court and if you want to criminal case then you have to file complaint against your neighbours before the police.
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next time their is fight between your parents and the police make a video recording of the fight and call the police and give them a complaint stating that they are creating public nuisance in your locality and threatening and quarrelling with your patents and is disturbing your as well as locality's peace
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You are living on rent, shift at New and good place. You. Can also file complaint in police , if police failed to take action then file complaint in court before magistrates u/s 156(3) for registration of FIR. Do video recording of their wrong acts as evidence
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  1. Conflict Resolution:
    • Open Communication: Attempt to resolve issues with your neighbors through open and respectful communication. Discuss concerns and try to find mutually acceptable solutions.
    • Mediation: If direct communication fails, consider mediation. A neutral third party can help facilitate discussions and reach a resolution.
  2. Document Incidents:
    • Keep Records: Document instances of conflict, including dates, times, descriptions, and any evidence like photographs or videos. This documentation can be useful if legal action is required.
  3. Legal Options:
    • Restraining Order: In extreme cases where you feel threatened, you may seek a restraining order or injunction against a neighbor to prevent further harassment.
    • Nuisance Lawsuit: If your neighbor's actions substantially disrupt your life, you can explore the option of a nuisance lawsuit. Consult with a lawyer for guidance on this.
    • Police Complaint: If there are criminal activities or threats involved, report them to the police. They can investigate and take appropriate action.
  4. Community Resources:
    • Local Authorities: Contact your local municipal or housing authority if your neighbor's actions violate any regulations.
    • Community Mediation Services: Some areas offer community mediation services to help resolve neighborhood conflicts.
  5. Legal Assistance:
    • Consult a Lawyer: If you're considering legal action, consult with a lawyer experienced in property and neighbor disputes. They can advise you on the best course of action.
  6. Prevention:
    • Good Neighbor Relations: Building and maintaining good relations with other neighbors can help create a supportive community and reduce conflicts.
In summary, legal action against problematic neighbors should be considered as a last resort. First, attempt to resolve conflicts through communication and mediation. If this fails, consult with a lawyer to explore legal options such as restraining orders or nuisance lawsuits. Documenting incidents and seeking community resources can also be helpful in addressing neighbor disputes
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You can bring a complaint to the magistrate's court if you are a victim of this type of harassment by your neighbor. The punishment for nuisance, as defined by Section 290 IPC, is only Rs. The court has the power to do more than 200 rupees.
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