Reasons for Which Your Passport Application May Be Rejected

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Table of Contents
  1. Missing Documents
  2. Unclean Copies
  3. Signature Issues
  4. Application Fees
  5. Enemy of the State
  6. Criminal History
  7. Overdue Payments
  8. Residential Address

If you want to travel outside, you will need your passport. Getting your passport requires a lot of paperwork. Although the process of applying for a passport has become a lot easier, you must know about the common reasons why a passport application is usually rejected. This will help you to avoid making potential mistakes that lead to denial.

Missing Documents

One of the most common reasons for a passport being denied is not submitting important documents. The consequence of this mistake is that you are unable to prove his/her citizenship. So the most important thing for you to do would be to submit all those important documents that are able to prove your national identity. Documents like your driver's license, birth certificate, voter's ID card, pan card, and other similar documents should be submitted along with the appropriate fees otherwise, your passport application will be rejected.

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Unclean Copies

If the document submitted to you have stains or is incomprehensible to look at, then there are chances your application may be denied. Make sure that the documents that you are submitting are legible, clear, and look as close to the original as possible. Present your documents well, and you should have no problems getting a passport.

Signature Issues

If your signature is not consistent across the various forms and documents, your application could be rejected. Make sure your signatures match across all the documents and forms you have to submit.

Application Fees

This is one of the most obvious reasons for your passport application rejection. Ensure you pay the right stipulated application fee when applying for a passport. If failed to do so, the application will be rejected. 

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Enemy of the State

If due to some reason, the State believes that you could participate in activities that are detrimental to the nation, it has the right to refuse to grant you a passport. Additionally, it's possible that someone may mistake your identity for a wanted criminal due to a misunderstanding regarding your name. Thus, to prevent confusion, be clear in your documentation. Give them no cause to believe that you are a threat to the nation.

Criminal History

If your name is under investigation, your passport is likely to be denied. The state could also deny you a passport if it treats you as a controversial figure. Also, if you have in the past served time in prison for any crime, the state has the right to review your application closely and deny it on the grounds of threat.

Overdue Payments

Your passport application may be denied if you have to pay money on any unpaid loans, bills, or taxes that are past their due date. Before applying, confirm that all of your tax filings are accurate and up to the present date. If you have any overdue payments on your loans or obligations, check with your bank about them.

Residential Address

Another reason for your application rejection may be that your current residential address coming in conflict with the permanent address you listed in your application. For example, if you are living elsewhere, but have applied to cite a different address then you may face complications related to the police address-verification process. So you could be denied a passport on the grounds that your address could not be verified by the police.

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