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Table of Contents
  1. What is US Visa Refusal?
  2. What to do if the US visit Visa is Refused?
  3. General Reasons for US Visa Refusal
  4. Chances of getting a US Visa after Refusal?
  5. How to appeal US Visa Refusal?
  6. How long does the process take?
  7. Why do you need a Lawyer?

While planning a trip to the United States, there might be instances when your visa application would be refused. US law generally requires visa applicants to be interviewed at the US Embassy or by the consulate and after the relevant information has been reviewed by the consulate or embassy, the application is approved or denied, based on the standards established by the law of the United States.

What is US Visa Refusal?

As per the US immigration and visa law guidelines, a visa must be denied if the applicant cannot establish his or her eligibility, either because the application does not meet the requirements of an established visa category, or because there are grounds for ineligibility based on other aspects of the visa case. A visa refusal is the formal denial of a non-immigrant visa application by a U.S. consular officer acting pursuant to the Immigration and Nationality Act.

What to do if the US visit Visa is Refused?

In case your visa application has been denied, in most cases, the applicant is notified of the ineligibility due to which the application has been rejected. The applicants are also advised by the consular if they should apply for a waiver of their ineligibility. However, if you are not so advised, you should take an honest look at your application and your US immigration history to determine the reasons as to why your US visit visa application was rejected. Even If you cannot appeal the consular officer's decision, you can reapply for a visa at any time after your application has been refused. Although it is recommended that you should not immediately reapply in the hope that you will give a more convincing interview or draw a more sympathetic official to handle your case without properly assessing the reasons for rejection.

General Reasons for US Visa Refusal

While the vast majority of the applications for US visas are approved, the immigration laws of the US have set out many standards under which a visa application may be denied. The reasons for rejection of the application could be the consular office not having enough information required to determine if the applicant is eligible to receive a visa, or the applicant does not qualify for the visa category for which he or she has applied, or if the information submitted indicated that the applicant falls within the scope of one of the inadmissibility or ineligibility grounds of law. An applicant's prior history may also make him or her ineligible to get the visa, for eg. drug or criminal activities. There are several reasons based on which your US visa application may be rejected. Some of the most common reasons have been listed below for your perusal:

  1. Unprepared for the visa process

One should do proper due diligence while preparing for the visa procedure. You can collect relevant information about the process through the internet or can also check reliable government websites to get assistance. Being unprepared make you underconfident and unaware of the process which would eventually make the interviewer doubt your answers.

  1. Applied for the wrong visa

The eligibility and criteria for your visa application may also vary depending upon the type of visa you are applying for. You should ensure that you can fulfill the requirements and conditions for the particular visa that you have applied for. One should not assume things while applying for a particular visa and must always double-check that you are falling within the given category.

  1. Information given is insufficient or incorrect

In order to expedite the process, one should fill all the forms correctly and shall be fully prepared with the required documents and verification forms. Unverifiable and inaccurate information can lead to visa denials or prolonged procedures. One should not let small oversight resulting in a delay in getting your visa.

  1. Being overconfident in the interview

Being too assertive on all aspects of the visa process or expressing extreme confidence in a visa approval during the interview shall also be avoided as it can make you come off as presumptuous and arrogant.

  1. Giving more information than required

When being interviewed by the consulate one must answer the questions of the consulate in simple and concise terms instead of giving elaborated answers. One should not divulge into irrelevant details that do not directly relate to the questions asked. Moreover, one should not give information that is not requested by the interviewer as this would lead to more inquiries by the interviewer or would raise suspicions that would not have arisen otherwise.

  1. Not being respectful with the interviewer

One should always have a respectful attitude towards the interviewer by expressing humbleness and courtesy toward the interviewer and submitting to the authority they represent. Having a messy appearance must also be avoided as it would look like a sign of lack of seriousness.

  1. Ineffective information

Sometimes unfamiliar lingo, various accents, dialects or language barriers may leave you confused. One must not hesitate to ask the interviewer for an interpreter or to repeat, explain, or slow down. Effective communication can help avoid potentially significant misunderstandings and misrepresentations while also reducing the chances of refusal.

Chances of getting a US Visa after Refusal?

Some visa rejections can be overcome by furnishing additional information by the applicant that establishes the eligibility of an applicant for the visa. In case you believe you have relevant information and evidence which was lacking in your previous application and would help the visa officer to decide in your favor, you should reapply for the visa with all the information and supporting documents. Other than the documents submitted by you the discretion to decide the eligibility of the applicant is up to the consular officer at US embassies based on the merits of each case.

How to appeal US Visa Refusal?

Once your application for a US visa has been refused, you can ask for reconsideration of the application. Also, anyone seeking an immigrant or non-immigrant visa can ask for a waiver, which is available in certain limited situations. It is recommended to take the help of an experienced immigration attorney as this is a complicated area of law.

How long does the process take?

There is no time restriction for resubmission after a refusal. If the applicant has additional information or supporting documentation available which may further demonstrate the applicant's qualification for a visa, an application may be resubmitted.

Why do you need a Lawyer?

A lawyer having a significant amount of experience in the field of immigration-related issues can be of great help in instances of US visa refusal. An attorney can ensure that those who have a refusal of visas are subsequently granted a visa to enter the US. If you have had a US visit visa refusal and wish to make a new application or require advice on your first application, an experienced immigration lawyer can be a useful resort. A lawyer will be able to review your refusal notice and provide you with a legal opinion. If a fresh application is your best option. A lawyer can also help you prepare the same in a more effective manner while ensuring low chances of refusal.

These guides are not legal advice, nor a substitute for a lawyer
These articles are provided freely as general guides. While we do our best to make sure these guides are helpful, we do not give any guarantee that they are accurate or appropriate to your situation, or take any responsibility for any loss their use might cause you. Do not rely on information provided here without seeking experienced legal advice first. If in doubt, please always consult a lawyer.

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