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If a thief has stolen personal information from your computer, a cyber crime lawyer will work to halt the damage done to you, identify the culprit, and save you from further victimization. Use LawRato to hire a top rated cyber crime lawyer in India when someone uses a computer in a crime against you, such as stealing your information, committing theft, blackmailing you, or cyber-stalking. 

Cyber Crime Laws in India

Cyber Crime laws in India address issues such as identity theft, corporate espionage, privacy, cyber-stalking, cyber-bullying and online fraud. India has several legislations that touch upon cyber crime.

Who are victims of cyber crime?

Most cyber crimes that affect ordinary people involve an invasion of one’s privacy.
Large corporations can also fall victim to cyber espionage. Hackers can not only steal sensitive information but can also cause IT infrastructure to shut down.

Why do you need a cyber crime lawyer

If you are either accused of or a victim of cyber crime, a cyber crime lawyer will be able to help you navigate the complex maze of technical and legal jargon involved.
Cyber laws in India are often counterintuitive as we have borrowed foreign legislations which cannot be transplanted without the requisite institutional infrastructure.
A cyber lawyer can also help a corporation design internal security policies and guidelines.

Why hire a cyber crime lawyer through LawRato

We have shortlisted the few good cyber crime lawyers in India, who can help you get justice and relief in case of online defamation, hacking, identity theft, stalking and online fraud.


By Activity

Advocate D Parthibhan

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.5 | 50+ user ratings
T Nagar, Chennai
4 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Ravi Jadhav

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.6 | 50+ user ratings
Koregaon Park, Pune
12 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Vikash Shangari

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.3 | 25+ user ratings
City Civil Court, Jamshedpur
13 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Eshwarya Bangwal

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.9 | 25+ user ratings
Civil Court Compound, Dehradun
3 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Siddesh Gurudas Goltekar

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.4 | 25+ user ratings
Mapusa Bardez, Goa
11 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

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Advocate Anmol Raj

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.7 | 10+ user ratings
Sector 16, Faridabad
3 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Sumit Agarwal

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.3 | 10+ user ratings
Gandhi Ghar Ka Tapra, Jhansi
6 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate K S Archana

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 4.8 | 10+ user ratings
Yellappa Chetty Layout, Bangalore
3 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Jorong Sanga

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 3.8 | 25+ user ratings
Pragati Path, Ranchi
17 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

Advocate Shubham Aggarwal

LawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRatoLawRato 5.0 | 5+ user ratings
District & Session Court, Ambala
10 years Experience
Cyber Crime + 3 more

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