Legal action as girl promises to marry and later refuses for the same

03-May-2023 (In Criminal Law)
Sir, Is there is any law as my girlfriend had leave me after having relationship for 1 year She has promised to marry me under any circumstances as his parents particulary her mom is not wanting the relationship suddenly she refused to marry me because of intense pressure from his home. As she had a physical relationship with me as per promise of marrying me. I have all the proofs as per requried. Isnt there is any law for breaking my heart and consuming time with me in name of marying me? .. She had also given pics in social media of being together or in a relationship.. As there is no law for defaming me and palying with my emotions and money. As it is not like that she didnt want to mary me but under pressure from his family she is refusing now. And is there is now for breaching this trust.. But women has laws for breaching trust isnt the men has?? If u kindly say me what are the things can be done to give her a punishment for playing with for a year and so and how can i move furtr
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  • Breach of promise to marry occurs when a person promises another to marry but on a later date refuses to do so. Breach of promise to marry per se is not actionable, except where the person has actually incurred expenses for the wedding and the necessary incidents thereof then those expenses can be recovered. To that effect, the aggrieved party can file a lawsuit for breach of contract under Section 73 of the Indian Contract Act, 1872 claiming damages for losses suffered due to such breach. The damages awarded may include any expenses incurred by the aggrieved party in connection with the promise to marry, such as expenses related to engagement or wedding preparations. The court may also award compensation for any mental anguish or emotional distress suffered by the aggrieved party as a result of the breach of promise.

    It is important to note that the aggrieved party must be able to prove that the promise to marry was made, that they relied on the promise, and that they suffered damages as a result of the breach. The burden of proof is on the person who is alleging the breach of promise.

  • Under the Indian Penal Code (IPC), a breach of promise to marry is not considered a criminal offence, and therefore, a case of cheating cannot be filed under the IPC for breach of promise to marry. However, if the promise to marry was made with fraudulent intentions, such as inducing the other party to part with money or property, then it may be possible to file a case of cheating under Section 415 of the IPC.

    In such a case, the aggrieved party would need to prove that the promise to marry was made with the intent to deceive and that they suffered damages as a result of the fraud.

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If you dont wish to marry, the discussion is over. Its important to tell your girlfriend the truth. Dont waste your girlfriends time if she wants to be married by 25. Let her decide. Tell her that you wont be able to marry her by 25. 23-Dec-2020

Is promise to marry not cheating?

The Karnataka High Court, while dismissing the FIR filed against a mans family, has reiterated the fact that failing to fulfill a marriage promise will not constitute cheating as defined in section 420 of Indian Penal Code. 24-Jan-2022

What is the new law for fake promise to marry?

According to the newly proposed Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita bill (BNS), if a male promises to marry a female but does not intend to and has consensual sex with her, this will be a crime under Section 69. The BNS Bill is one of the three drafts of criminal law brought forward by the Union Government. 11-Sept-2023

What to do when your girlfriend doesn't want to marry you?

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1st of all you need to understand that the promise to marry you is a verbal one as result you cannot prove it.Secondly marriage is a social sacrament not a promise or agreement.So there is no law to punish so it will better for you if you start your life afresh forgetting all your past.
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You write down the entire incident step by step and mention that there has been no confirmation of marriage and she herself delayed the same and also say that there has been no physical relations and then mention about her blackmailing. Thereafter send the complaint to the Officer in Charge of the concerned Police Station and to the SP/Commissioner of Police, keep the copy of the letter and the speed post receipt with you. Such letter will be shield against any criminal case if filed by her against you. However if at all any criminal case is filed, immediately file a case of anticipatory bail, then you shall neither get arrested nor there may be any fear of loss of Government job. Our Calcutta High Court in many of such matters granted anticipatory bail, and many of my clients successfully undergoing their government jobs. All the best. Regards

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there is the only legal provision that can be initiated against her for breach of trust. but don't do that blunder because that girl shall take adverse plea for her defence that you had committed rape against her will promising to marry her and a charge shall be framed against you U/S 376 of PIC so say good bye to that relationship.
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Respected Sir,

I am undergoing the same trauma as you , I would rather advice you to take solace in other remedial measures and so cannot advice more without knowing more into the details. I beg to stop advising on the same to you.

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You can file a complaint against him under sections 415,420,406 and 376 in the Indian penal code for cheating, fraud and criminal breach of trust, as well as rape on pretext of false marriage promises.
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