Will a quashed fir be a hurdle in government job verification

24-Apr-2023 (In Criminal Law)
I have a fir against me in 354,354d due to some financial dispute i got selected for a govt post.charges havent framed by court (trail not started,investigation is on) . high chances of quashing of FIR. will that leave criminal record and what prospect of joining the said govt job
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You’ll only face the problem while the case is pending or you have been convicted. Otherwise if the FIR is quashed then there is no criminal record against you.
You better focus on quashing if you have been acquitted by court or can ask for help to us
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Which cases are not eligible for govt job?

You cannot apply for government jobs if you have a criminal case pending against you. You cannot apply for a government job if you have a criminal case pending. A civil case cant be used to terminate a government employee. 10-Mar-2018

What happens if FIR is quashed?

After the FIR has been quashed, there is nothing left. Once the article is circulated or visible, it gives the impression there is a criminal charge pending against someone. 27-Jul-2023

Can a person with FIR apply for government job?

You are qualified to apply and work for a government job unless you have been convicted. The mere filing of an FIR does not disqualify you from a government job. job.

What is the Supreme Court decision on quashing FIR?

In its ruling in Mohammad Wajid V. State of U.P., 2023 LiveLaw(SC) 624 the Apex Court stated that the criminal history of the accused could not be used as the sole factor to refuse to quash criminal proceedings. 12-Aug-2023

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If you get quashing of FIR then FIR goes from the date it was registered therefore it won’t affect your prospect of joining the said government job. Get an observation from the court that the said FiR was a malicious act. Rest contact me. Thanks

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No, I dont’ see it being a hurdle. Why would anyone hold a quashed FIR, acquittal or discharge against someone? If they do so you will be entitled to proceed legally to right such iniquity. But do get that FIR quashed first.
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Yes criminal record is a dent. But, No problem if you acquitted by Court.Yes criminal record is a dent. But, No problem if you acquitted by Court.Yes criminal record is a dent. But, No problem if you acquitted by Court.Yes criminal record is a dent. But, No problem if you acquitted by Court.
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It will not leave a criminal record against you sir, as the said FIR will be quashed after that nothing will remain against you in any court of law you can join whatever job you wish to do. If they ask you specifically you can mention the said fact as well.
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According to the facts stated, its not a crime. It may not be affected. Final report says that the FIR was filed due to misunderstanding between parties. The court accepted this report, so there will be no adverse effect on Govt jobs.
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