How to withdraw a police complaint

05-Apr-2016 (In Criminal Law)

How can a person withdraw his police complaint without going to the police station. Its just a normal complaint, fir is not registered.

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Sir in your situation if the offence is not heinous ane is a minor offence complained of you may file a written request seeking withdrawal of the complaint not wanting to pursue the matter or as having been compromised between the parties

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How can a complainant withdraw a case?

Withdrawal of the complaint from the proceedings If the complainant satisfies the Magistrate that there are sufficient grounds to not proceed against the accused, and, if the magistrate is satisfied by the justification of the complainant he may allow the complainant to withdraw his complaint and acquit the accused. 04-May-2023

How do I withdraw a police complaint letter?

Anytime before charge sheet is filed he can withdraw complaint by writing a letter to the Station head of the police station where FIR is lodged. If the police refuse to withdraw complaint, you can ask accused to move to get complaint quashed and give evidence to judge and they will withdraw your complaint.

How do I write a letter of withdrawal?

Notify the employer right away. ... Be honest and clear. ... Thank the employer for their time. ... Provide your contact information. ... Keep your options open.

Can a complainant withdraw the complaint after inquiry has started?

Once a complaint is filed and FIR registered the complainant cannot withdraw it but once it reaches court and if the offence is compoundable the case can be closed as compromised. Compoundable offences are not very serious offences and are mentioned in table in Section 320 of the CrPC. The complainant may ente...

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Yes you can write to the Police that you do not wish to pursue the complaint any further and FIR may not be registered. However, it is still the domain of the investigating agency and they may register the FIR if the offence is henious / serious.

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Helo Sir,
First of all kindly mention what type of complaint it was, means it was filed against which offence. However, You may call the concerned police official at your place, and may give in writing that you do not want to proceed further, and no further action may be taken.
Secondly, you may sit idle as no fir has been registered and may intimate the concerned IO (police officer) even on telephone that you do not want to proceed further. So no action may be taken in that regard.
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Withdrawing a police complaint in India involves a formal process and must be done with a valid reason. Here's a general guideline on how to withdraw a police complaint:

  1. Consult an Attorney: If you wish to withdraw a police complaint, it's advisable to consult with a legal professional who can guide you through the process.

  2. Reason for Withdrawal: You must have a valid reason for withdrawing the complaint. Common reasons include resolving the matter amicably with the involved parties or if you realize that the complaint was filed erroneously.

  3. Write an Application: Draft a formal application to the concerned police station. In the application, explain your reason for wanting to withdraw the complaint. Be honest and clear in your communication.

  4. Attach Supporting Documents: If there are any documents or evidence that support your reason for withdrawal, attach them to your application. This can help in substantiating your case.

  5. Visit the Police Station: Personally visit the police station where you filed the complaint. Submit your withdrawal application to the Station House Officer (SHO) or the officer in charge.

  6. Acknowledgment: Ensure that you receive an acknowledgment of your withdrawal application. This acknowledgment can serve as proof that you initiated the withdrawal process.

  7. Follow Up: In some cases, the police may conduct an inquiry to verify the authenticity of your request. Cooperate with any inquiries they may make.

  8. Legal Assistance: If your case is in court, consult your lawyer to inform them of your decision to withdraw the police complaint. They can guide you on the legal aspects of the withdrawal.

  9. Court Proceedings: If the case has reached the court, you may need to file a petition for withdrawal in court. Your lawyer can assist you in this process.

  10. Final Court Order: Once the court receives your withdrawal request and is satisfied with your reasons, it may pass a final order to close the case.

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