SECTION 9 IPC - Indian Penal Code - Number

Last Updated: 01 Mar, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty


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  1. Description of IPC Section 9

Description of IPC Section 9

According to section 9 of Indian penal code, Unless the contrary appears from the context, words importing the singular number include the plural number, and words importing the plural number include the singular number.

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FAQ's on IPC Section 9

What is Section 9 in IPC?

IPC Section 9 states: Unless there is a contrary indication in the law or context, words that are singular (have) plural numbers, and plural (have) singular numbers.

What is Chapter 9 of the IPC?

IPC Chapter 9, Offenses Committed by or Relating to Public Employees (Sections 161-191) IPC Chapter 9 Offences by or relating to Public Servants (Section 161-191) 161.

What is Section 9 notice to wife?

If the wife does not return within the time frame specified in Section 9 of Hindu Marriage Act, the husband can file for divorce.