SECTION 95 IPC - Indian Penal Code - Act causing slight harm

Last Updated: 01 Jun, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

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  1. IPC 95 in Simple Words
Nothing is an offence by reason that it causes, or that it is intended to cause, or that it is known to be likely to cause, any harm, if that harm is so slight that no person of ordinary sense and temper would complain of such harm.

IPC 95 in Simple Words

In simple words, Section 95 of the Indian Penal Code states that no offense is committed if the harm caused is so minor that an ordinary person wouldn't complain about it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPC section 95?

What is IPC Section 95?

What is Section 95 of the Code?

Section 95 of the Code states that if, in a suit, an arrest, attachment, or injunction is granted, or if a temporary injunction under Section 94 (c) has been granted, if the court finds that the application for the arrest, attachment, or injunction did not have sufficient grounds, or that there was no reasonable or probable cause to believe that the person in question would be able to defend themselves, the injunction or arrest will be revoked.

What is Section 95 of the Code of Criminal Procedure?

Section 95 of Code of Criminal Procedure, which is heavily based on colonial laws, gives the government the legal authority to ban books. The Indian Penal Code allows State governments to confiscate copies of any book, newspaper or document that violates certain provisions.

What is Section 96 of IPC?

Section 96: The section defines the right of private defense, which states that anyone has the right defend themselves and others against acts that cause a reasonable fear for death or serious injury, or attempts to commit thefts, robberies, mischief or criminal trespass. 7 Apr 2023