SECTION 319 IPC - Indian Penal Code - Hurt

Last Updated: 01 Mar, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty


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  1. Description of IPC Section 319
  2. IPC 319 in Simple Words

Description of IPC Section 319

According to section 319 of Indian penal code, Whoever causes bodily pain, disease or infirmity to any person is said to cause hurt.

IPC 319 in Simple Words

Section 319 of the Indian Penal Code states that anyone who causes bodily pain, disease, or infirmity to another person is considered to have caused hurt.

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According to Section 319, a person causes hurt if he causes bodily pain, disease or infirmity to somebody. In other words, the victim must suffer some physical harm or pain due to the actions of the offender. The main requirements of hurt are bodily pain, disease or infirmity.

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FAQ's on IPC Section 319

What is Section 319 in law?

Section 319, CrPC, which envisages a discretionary power, empowers the court holding a trial to proceed against any person not shown or mentioned as an accused if it appears from the evidence that such person has committed a crime for which he ought to be tried together with the accused who is facing trial. 7 Jun 2023

What is Section 319 evidence Act?

Once there is satisfaction of the Court that there is evidence before it that an accused has committed an offence, the court can proceed against such a person. At the stage of summoning an accused, there has to be a prima facie satisfaction of the Court. 28 Jul 2023

What is abetment in IPC?

Abetment basically means the action of instigating, encouraging or promoting a person into committing an offence. It can also mean aiding the offender while he is committing a crime. When more than one person contributes to committing an offence, each person's involvement may vary.

What is Section 320 of the IPC?

Section 320 of the Indian Penal Code defines grievous injury. Clause-Seventhly to section 320 provides that fracture or dislocation of a bone or tooth would amount to grievous hurt. In the light of the above evidence, it is established that he intended to cause such grievous injury which was likely to cause death.