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Advocate Namitabh Kothari

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Anticipatory Bail, Criminal, Cyber Crime
Language(s) Spoken: English, Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi
Advocate Namitabh Kothari has been practicing and handling cases independently with a result oriented approach, both professionally and ethically and has now acquired over 22 years of professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services.

Advocate Kothari provides services in various field of Civil laws, Criminal laws, Co-Op Banks and Housing Societies matters, Family law, RERA matters, Revenue related matters, Arbitration matters, Domestic Violence and Matrimonial related matters and drafting and vetting of various Commercial and other agreements and documents.

He handles Bail, Anticipatory Bail, Honey-Trap matters, Financial Fraud matters, Sexual Harassment matters, Medical Negligence matters, Police Atrocities, Human Rights and PIL matters.

Advocate Namitabh is enrolled with the Bar Council of Maharashtra in the year 2000.

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Deepak Belose - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Adv.Namitabh Kothari proved to be proficient in the legal issues that were concerned with me.
1 month ago
Virendra Dharia - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The lawyer gave me the right guidance.
2 months ago
Pankaj Shah - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Advocate Namitabh Kothari's expertise helped me gain insight and look at the legal issue in a new light. My legal issues were resolved after receiving the required legal guidance from the lawyer..My decision was a result of the right advice and guidance that was provided to me by Adv.Namitabh Kothari. The lawyer helped me in understanding my case and the guidance helped me in taking the correct steps.
2 months ago
Yezdi - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward.
2 months ago
Rajesh Sharma - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Adv. Namitabh Kothari helped me understand my issue completely. I obtained the necessary legal assistance by the lawyer, as a result of which I was able to make informed decisions. The lawyer helped me in reaching the right decision that was required in my legal issue.
2 months ago
Kishore - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
My case was handled by an experienced lawyer. Along with expert advice, the lawyer extended empathy. The lawyer advised me into taking the correct path.
2 months ago
Amol patil - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The legal advice that I received by Adv.Namitabh Kothari helped me to make appropriate decisions. With Advocate Namitabh Kothari 's help, I was in a position to make the right choice with respect to my legal issue.
2 months ago
Ritesh - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The lawyer provided sound advice with a prompt response. I was guided into taking the right path set by Adv.Namitabh Kothari.
2 months ago
Saurabh Tyagi - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The guidance provided to me by the lawyer was apt.
Over 3 months ago
Minakshi Jha - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
I was able to comprehend and handle my legal matter well with the assistance of the Advocate.
Over 3 months ago

Questions Answered by Advocate Namitabh Kothari

Q: Preparation Of Defence Argument

I am facing a trial in CBI court in connection with a fraud that occurred in financing against warehouse receipt.Warehouse owner issued fake warehouse receipt and we unknowingly sanctioned and disbursed loan against these receipts.We five officers of Bank also made accused with warehouses owner .Now it is in the final stage.I want help in preparing cross examination of I.O.and final argument.

Advocate Namitabh Kothari answered
Sure...first of all the cross examination is to be conducted as one part of the final plan and strategy so just one point question will not help - this is criminal trial and there is risk of punishment - so be careful - Any Advocate will have to read all the case papers and evidence to advise on your queries - All The Best


Committee of society dismissed by DDR and instructed society members to handedover charge but old committee not handing over any documents or accounts and other papers nshall we able to file case faujadari nillegally done lot of things withdrawal cash in name of wife appointed accountant with general body meeting Taking cash from cable operator personally

Advocate Namitabh Kothari answered
this is a very serious matter - how many flats and members in society ?? how many wings and buildings in the society ??where is this society located??when was the society formed ?? do you have proofs of the above money transaction with the cable guy?? why committee was dismissed ?on what grounds ??

Q: Defamation caused in society because of a person who was a bully to me

Can I sue the person who came and started shouting bullshit about me being a "nashedi", "ganjedi", "charsi" in the middle of society at night , while I was physically fighting with somebody else on a completely different matter that had nothing to do with this person who tried to defame me. This person was a bully to me as when I was a kid. nnI am a contractor , I hack code for international companies and get paid in dollars or bitcoin for it, also I do this based on pure skill. I have a computer engineering degreee but I never had to show it because my skills have more value than normal. My family doesnt deserve this defamation in my society and I want to fight for my respect.

Advocate Namitabh Kothari answered
absolutely right to fight for your respect and family reputation..where is this society located ?? why were you fighting with another person ?? Why has this person been bullying you since your childhood ??Have you ever complained to your parents and society for this bullying or ajy police complaint in the past against this bully ?? any enmity with your family one of the reasons ?? Did He physically beat you when you were a kid..?? These are a few questions which you have to answer so as to understand the problem and then advise the solution...!!

Q: British child indian mother custody issue

My son 15 months old is british citizen. I am indian citizen, husband is british citizen. We are Hindus. Married 2.5 years back .Marriage place is mumbai India under special marriage act. Husband is abusive and hits me. Not safe for child. I don't have job in UK but I can get job in mumbai. Can I settle down with my child in mumbai . UK law says I can't settle child outside UK if child is british citizen. Both parents consent is required where as my husband will never agree to settle child in India. I have support system in India and not UK. We r still living together in UK. I want advice so that I can make best decision.

Advocate Namitabh Kothari answered
this is very technical and complicated issue which will require detailed Legal Research and Study - Also this issue is related to marriage laws and citizenship laws of India and UK so it will take serious and detailed research and analysis for proper and professional legal advise and opinion.

Q: Complaint against an individual in india

I came to USA in March 2018. Before coming to USA, i sold my Bike to a buyer and Signed all the documents at the RTO but somehow the registration is not completed yet and the bike is not transferred to the buyer. Whenever i contact the buyer he says that RTO broker is not there or i want to sell the bike or he got transferred to Manipur or something he says and skips registration. So could you please suggest what i need to do for this.

Advocate Namitabh Kothari answered
please do not worry - do you have any proof of the delivery and payment received..? you will have to issue or send Legal Notice to the buyer and to complete the registration and transfer the records in RTO database !

Frequently Asked Questions about Advocate Namitabh Kothari

Can Advocate Namitabh Kothari represent me in court?

Yes, Advocate Namitabh Kothari can represent you in court. The lawyer is trained to present your case in the most effective way possible.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with Advocate Namitabh Kothari?

When you meet with Advocate Namitabh Kothari for an initial consultation, it is important to bring any relevant documents or information with you. This may include documents related to your legal issue, such as contracts or court orders, as well as any other relevant information, such as a list of questions or concerns you have about your case.

How do I prepare for my initial consultation with Advocate Namitabh Kothari?

Before your initial consultation with Advocate Namitabh Kothari, it can be helpful to think about the specific legal issue you are facing and any questions or concerns you have about your case. You should also gather any relevant documents or information that you think may be helpful in understanding your situation.

What should I expect during my initial consultation with Advocate Namitabh Kothari?

During your initial consultation with Advocate Namitabh Kothari, you can expect to discuss the specific legal issue you are facing and the details of your situation. Lawyer will ask you questions to get a better understanding of your case and will provide you with information about your legal options and any potential outcomes.

How do I communicate with Advocate Namitabh Kothari?

It is important to communicate with Advocate Namitabh Kothari regularly to stay updated on the progress of your case and to discuss any new developments or concerns you may have. You can communicate with the lawyer through phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings.

How much does it cost to hire Advocate Namitabh Kothari?

The cost of hiring Advocate Namitabh Kothari can vary widely. Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others charge a flat fee for their services. Some also offer free initial consultations to discuss your case. Kindly contact the lawyer directly to enquire about the fee.