Erroneously knocked somebody else's door in the apartment

Hi team, few days back I was not well as I came from a party by mistakenly to go to my friends house I erroneously knocked somebody else door. It was a society. I immediately apologize. Now after 20 days that family is telling my friend that they want to go to police and complain that at night I knocked their door. Please suggest me What to do.

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You have to give clearly clarify, have any one saw you i.e any witness for it like watchmen, cctv camera, any witness etc. Then it will be clear to suggest you. Any how after you apology, why they have to complain to police. There must be some thing in it.

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Dear Sir,
It is not an offence at all. If it is considered as an offence then it may be a "Petty Offence". Police Act defines such offences and end up with paying fine of Rs.100/- or so. First of all you deny or admit by paying the fine. The relevant negligible offences are defined in Section 92 Karnataka Police Act, which is reproduced below:

92. Punishment of certain street offences and nuisance.—(1) In any local area to
which the Government by notification in the official Gazette from time to time extends this
sub-section or any clause thereof, whoever, contrary thereto,—
(a) without lawful excuse drives along, or keeps standing in, any street a vehicle of any
description or drags or pushes in any street, a vehicle of any description other than a
bicycle at any time between half an hour after sunset and one hour before sunrise
without a sufficient light or lights;
(b) without reasonable cause, drives, drags, or pushes any vehicle otherwise than on the
near or left side of the road or passes any vehicle except on the right side of it and at
any speed higher than what may be prescribed by notification by Government;
(c) leaves in any street insufficiently tended or secured any animal or vehicle;
(d) causes obstruction, injury, danger or alarm in any street, or mischief, by any
misbehavior, negligence or ill-usage in the driving, management or care of any animal
or vehicle, or drives any vehicle or animal laden with timber, poles or other unwieldy
articles through a street, contrary to any regulation made in that behalf and published
by a competent authority;
(e) exposes for hire or sale any animal or vehicle, cleans any furniture or vehicle, or
cleans, grooms, trains or breaks in any horse or other animal or makes or repairs any
vehicle or any part of a vehicle in any street (unless when in the case of an accident
repairing on the spot is necessary) or carries on therein any manufacture or operation
so as to be a serious impediment to traffic or a serious annoyance to residents or to
the public;
(f) (i) causes obstruction in any street by allowing any animal or vehicle which has to be
loaded or unloaded or has to take up or set down passengers, to remain or stand
therein longer than may be necessary for such purpose; or by leaving any vehicle
standing or by fastening any cattle therein, or using any part of a street as a halting
place for vehicles or cattle, or by leaving any box, bale, package or other thing
whatsoever in or upon a street for an unreasonable length of time;
(ii) or causes obstruction by exposing anything for sale or setting out anything for sale
or upon any stall, booth, board, cask, basket or in any other way whatsoever
contrary to any regulation made and published by the Commissioner, or a District
(g) causes obstruction on any foot-way, or drives, rides or leaves any animal or drives,
drags or pushes any vehicle thereupon;
(h) exhibits, contrary to any regulation made and notified by the Commissioner or a
District Magistrate, as the case may be, any mimetic, musical or other performances of
a nature to attract crowds or carries or places bulky advertisements, pictures, figures,
or emblems in any street whereby an obstruction to passengers or annoyance to the
inhabitants may be occasioned;
(i) uses or operates at any place any apparatus for amplifying any musical or other
sound, such as a megaphone or loudspeaker, any time between ten o’clock in the
night and six o’clock in the morning, whereby any annoyance, disturbance, or
discomfort is caused to the inhabitants in the vicinity;
(j) obeys a call of nature or permits a child to do so or bathes or washes his person in or
near to and within sight of a street or public place (except in some place set apart for
the purpose by order of a competent authority) so as to cause annoyance to the
neighbouring residents or to passers by;
(k) negligently lets loose any horse or other animal, so as to cause danger, injury, alarm
or annoyance to the public, or suffers a ferocious dog to be at large without a muzzle,
or sets on or urges a dog or other animal to attack, worry or put in fear any person or
(l) bathes or washes in or by the side of a public well, tank, or reservoir, not set apart for
such purpose by order of a competent authority or in or by the side of any pond, pool
aqueduct, part of a river, stream, nalla or other source or means of water supply in
which such bathing or washing is forbidden by order of the competent authority;
(m) defiles or causes to be defiled, the water in any public well, tank, reservoir, pond, pool,
aqueduct or a part of a river, stream, nalla or other source or means of water-supply,
so as to render the same less fit for any purpose for which it is set apart by the order of
the competent authority;
(n) obstructs or incommodes a person bathing at a place set apart for that purpose as
aforesaid, by wilful intrusion or by using such place for any purpose for which it is not
so set apart;
(o) wilfully and indecently exposes his person, uses indecent language or behaves
indecently or riotously or in a disorderly manner in a street or place of public resort, or
in any public office;
(p) is drunk and incapable of taking care of himself in a street or place of public resort;
(q) wilfully pushes, presses, hustles or obstructs any passenger in a street, or disturbs the
public peace or order, by violent movements, menacing gestures, wanton personal
annoyance, screaming, shouting, wilfully frightening horses or cattle, or otherwise;
(r) uses in any street any threatening, abusive or insulting words or behaviour or posts up
or affixes or exhibits any indecent, threatening, abusive or insulting paper or drawing
with intent to provoke a breach of the peace or whereby a breach of the peace may be
(s) begs importunately for alms, or exposes or exhibits, with the object of exacting charity,
any deformity or disease or any offensive sore or wound in or near to and within sight
of any street;
(t) throws or lays down any dirt, filth, rubbish or any stones or building materials in any
street, or causes any offensive matter to run from any house, factory, dung-heap or the
like into any street
(u) neglects to fence in or duly to protect any well, tank, or other dangerous place or
(v) without the consent of the owner or occupier, affixes or causes to be affixed any bill,
notice or other paper upon any building, wall or fence, or writes upon or defaces or
marks any such building, wall or fence;
(w) without the consent of the Government or the public authority concerned, affixes or
causes to be affixed any bill, notice or other paper upon any lamp-post, tree, letter-box,
transformer, street or any other property belonging to Government or any public
authority, or writes upon or defaces or marks or causes to be written upon or defaced
or marked, any such lamp-post, tree, letter-box, transformer, street or other property;
(x) spits or throws any dust, ashes, refuse or rubbish in or near to any street, public place
or place of public resort so as to cause annoyance to any passerby;
(y) 1
[xxx]1 or spits in any court, police station, public office or building occupied by
Government or any public body, in contravention of a notice by a competent authority
in charge of such place and affixed to such court, station, office or building,
1. Omitted by Act 2 of 2003 w.e.f …..
shall be punished with fine which may extend to one hundred rupees, provided that
imprisonment in default of payment of such fine shall not exceed eight days notwithstanding
anything in section 67 of the Indian Penal Code.
[(2) (a) The provisions of sub-section (1) or any clause or clauses thereof may be
extended by the State Government by notification,—
(i) to such local area as may be specified in such notification; or
(ii) to such local area for such period as may be specified in such notification.
(b) The State Government may at any time rescind any notification issued under subclause
(i) or sub-clause (ii) of clause (a):
Provided that the issue of a notification under this clause shall not preclude the issue of
notification from time to time under sub-clause (i) or sub-clause (ii) of clause (a) in respect of
the same local area.]1

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