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Last Updated: 01 Feb, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty


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  1. Description of IPC Section 16

Description of IPC Section 16

According to section 16 of Indian penal code, Repealed ibid.

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- Whoever, being a public servant and being, as such public servant, charged with the preparation of any document, prepares that document in a manner which he knows or believes to be incorrect, intending thereby to cause, or knowing it to be likely that he will thereby cause, injury to any person, shall be punished ...

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FAQ's on IPC Section 16

What is Chapter 17 of IPC?

Chapter 17 of the Code contains these provisions. Such offences include crimes like theft, extortion, robbery, dacoity and other aggravated forms of these crimes. Theft under IPC is generally the most basic and common offence against properties.

What is IPC against human body?

Any act that causes a person bodily pain, disease, or infirmity is termed as 'hurt' under the Indian Penal Code ( Section 319 to Section 338 ). There are different types of hurt offenses like voluntarily causing hurt, grievous hurt, hurt by dangerous weapons, etc. 10 Aug 2023

Which IPC section is threatening?

The offence related to Criminal Intimidation is provided under Section 503 of the IPC. An action is said to be an offence under Section 503 when someone threatens a person with physical harm, damage to their property or reputation in order to induce alarm to them. 17 Jun 2023