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Hiring an experienced divorce lawyer is the best way you get peace of mind when dealing with matrimonial cases, child custody, alimony, and mutual divorce or contested divorce proceedings. Use LawRato to consult a top rated divorce lawyer for marriage issues in Alwar to file or defend your mutual divorce petition, contested divorce, alimony, domestic violence (DV), interim maintenance, 125 CrPC, dowry harassment u/s 498a, women cell complaints or any other related matters.  These lawyers practice in all major courts in Alwar including District Court Alwar, and others.

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Advocate Vijay Yadav

4.0 LawRato| 10+ user ratings
LawRatoKala Kuan, Alwar
LawRato 16 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Advocate Bhanu Pratap Singh

5.0 LawRato| 5+ user ratings
LawRatoAravali Vihar, Kala Kuan, Alwar
LawRato 13 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Advocate Sunil Yadav

5.0 LawRato| 5+ user ratings
LawRatoTijara Court, Alwar
LawRato 8 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Advocate Ashok Kumar Sharma

4.0 LawRato | 2+ user ratings
LawRatoDaudpur, Alwar
LawRato 40 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Advocate Madhu Kumari Verma

4.0 LawRato | 2+ user ratings
LawRatoBudh Vihar, Alwar
LawRato 11 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

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Advocate Satish Chand Jain

4.0 LawRato | 2+ user ratings
LawRatoShastri Nagar, Alwar
LawRato 26 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Advocate Narendra Singh Jadon

4.0 LawRato| 5+ user ratings
LawRatoDistrict Court, Alwar
LawRato 2 years Experience
LawRatoDivorce + 3 more

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What are the rules for divorce in Alwar?

The Legal provisions governing Divorce in Alwar vary depending on the personal religious law of the parties. The laws for divorce could be Hindu Marriage Act, Indian Divorce Act, Muslim Personal Law, etc. depending upon the religion and the Act under which the marriage has taken place.

2. What can a wife claim in a divorce?

At the time of divorce, a woman can claim property rights, custody rights, alimony, etc. in court. However, each case is different and what each party to the divorce can claim, depends upon the facts and circumstances of that matter. It is thus essential to hire a divorce lawyer.

3. Can divorce be one sided?

Under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955, one sided divorce can be filed on grounds such as cruelty, adultery, desertion, conversion, mental illness, communicable diseases, presumption of death, and renunciation of the world. This is known as contested divorce.

4. Is mutual divorce expensive?

It is important to note that the cost of divorce by mutual consent can vary from case to case. The overall expenses can depend on the complexity of the issues involved, the length of the proceedings, and the specific requirements of the spouses. However, from the past cases, it can be a general view that mutual divorce is less expensive than contested divorce.

5. How to choose a divorce lawyer in Alwar?

It is important to hire a lawyer in Alwar who is specialises in Divorce and Family law. A divorce lawyer in Alwar must have expertise in the matter at hand. Ensure that the lawyer is conveniently accessible in terms of distance as well as schedule. Also make sure that the terms of payment are discussed beforehand.

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