Landlordtenant Law Videos - Procedure for evicting a tenant

Eviction of the tenant refers to the removal of a tenant from rental property by the landlord. This may be due to the time period or purpose for which the tenant arrangement was initiated coming to an end. It may also be due to other reasons, which are from among the grounds for eviction as per law, in cases of rightful eviction. 

The various grounds for eviction are as per the state laws applicable to an area. However, there also exist some general grounds on the basis of which eviction can take place such as non-payment of rent for prescribed period of time, letting the space be used for some other purpose, etc.

The landlord has to file an eviction notice with an appropriate civil court. Once this is done, the tenant receives the court notice for eviction. At this point, most tenants tend to leave the premises on their own without causing any problems. If not, however, the tenant contests the notice, after which the court passes the decision, depending on the evidence provided and the arguments made.

The procedure with regard to eviction of a tenant is fairly similar to that of most civil cases and there is hence, no issue when it comes to procedure. Alternatively, the fact there is a lot of information with regard to the grounds on which the tenant may be evicted and the procedure of eviction readily available makes the whole process a lot easier and more convenient.