Labour service Law Videos - Indian Kaanoon - How can employee recover dues/ full & final settlement from company (In Malayal

The full and final settlement is generally used by the employers to discharge themselves from all the previous dues and claims of the employees. It is thus, initiated in the form of a settlement contract thereby effectively ending the employer-employee relationship.
It is quite essential for an employee to know his rights and obligations after he leaves a company so that he can recover his dues/ full and final payment. However, before proceeding with any legal action against the previous company, one must try and give the opportunity to the company to clear the dues.
Here are the key points for an employee to keep in mind to recover the pending dues-
1.    If the company asked the employee to resign, he is entitled to get both fnf and compensation for his termination from service.
2.    The company cannot use coercive power to keep away ex-employees demanding their legitimate dues.
3.    The employee must have documentary proofs regarding the appointment, resignation, and acceptance by the company etc. as they are required for legal purposes that might arise in the future.
4.    If need felt, the employee can even send a legal notice to the employer demanding immediate settlement of the pending dues.