Career Options After LLB: What Are Your Choices?

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August 21, 2022
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty


One of the most common occupations selected by LLB graduates is advocacy. Students who choose this course have the opportunity to practice in the courts. It is important to note that in order to practice law, candidates must first pass the All India Bar Council's test.

They can choose to practice in any court across the country once they have registered with the All India Bar Council. Every aspirant must first gain experience as a junior assistant to a senior advocate before becoming a good advocate. This entails the creation of files as well as the examination of legal papers and cases.

This allows them to have a better understanding of the law. As a result, after they have a thorough understanding of the law, they will be prepared to operate as an independent lawyer. When it comes to the various fields of law in which you can practice, you have a lot of alternatives.

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Government Services

After obtaining their LLB, students might choose to work for the government. They would be qualified for Indian Legal Services and the many positions it offers if they prepared themselves. Legislative Counsel in the Legislative Department and Legal Advisors in the Department of Legal Affairs fall under this category.

Aspirants must pass the Public Service Commission's exam to be considered for this position. The legislative department of Hindi and regional languages appoints some legislative counsels.

Those who meet the requirements could join the Air Force, Indian Army, or Navy. They are also eligible to take UPSC (Union Public Service Commission) or SPSC exams such as HAS and IAS (State Public Service Commission). They can also work as Assistant Public Prosecutors or as Public prosecutors.

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Legal Advisor

After earning your LLB, you can work for law firms, private companies, corporate firms, or banks as a legal advisor. You can give legal advice on a variety of topics. Your legal knowledge could likewise be put to good use in non-profit organizations. These firms offer legal advice to their customers. They also assist people in making the best decision possible in a particular situation. Legal counsel is employed by the majority of large firms and government agencies.


Students are also free to work for the Judicial machinery of the Country as Judge or Magistrate. This requires them to pass a Judicial examination conducted by the Public Service Commission. This is a very difficult exam to pass.

The lowest post of the Magistrate, Subjudge, or Munsif is filled up by the latest recruitments through Public Service Commission or by the supervision of the High Court. The Magistrate judges the Criminal cases and the Sub Judge decides the Civil Cases. These judges may be promoted to district judges and higher positions as a result of their advancement.

Based on their experience and seniority, they would be eligible for advancement. The minimum qualification for these positions is an LLB degree from an accredited university with a maximum age limit of 35 years.

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Students with strong academic abilities and the capacity to explain and narrate various things to a group of people are suitable candidates for becoming lecturers at one of the country's leading universities or law schools.

If students want to pursue an LLM, they will be able to do research on their subject of study and receive a Ph.D. You can also become a professor in both public and private universities in this manner.

Legal Outsourcing

The practice of a law firm acquiring legal services from an outside firm is known as legal outsourcing. If the outsourced entity is based in another country, this service is known as off-sharing.

One of the fields where the full potential has yet to be realized. There are numerous options for citizens of the country to take advantage of in this field.

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Private Companies

Law graduates have a lot of opportunities to work in private enterprises all around the country. They have the option of becoming a legal advisor and assisting the organization with legal matters. If someone wants to earn a well-paid career after their LLB, they can get an MBA.

They would be able to gain a dual position in firms this way. They could, for starters, serve as legal counselors. Second, he or she would be able to participate in company administration. The dual package will ensure a high level of pay.

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Higher Education

If you want to improve your understanding of a certain field of law, you can choose from a variety of higher education alternative in law. This comprises LLM Ph.D. research in subjects such as International Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Law, Cyberlaw, and Family Law.

Legal Analyst

Law graduates could work for law firms or corporations, doing legal studies of the company and its functions. In order to practice law, applicants must first obtain a license.

Legal analysts can also help with the drafting of various legal documents and provide support to attorneys. This is a fantastic option in the field of financial law. Along with being a great athlete, it also demands you to be analytical and organized.

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Legal Researcher

A legal researcher is someone who is in charge of researching different situations and figuring out how to win them. It covers a wide range of law-related issues. To put it another way, these are the people who lawyers hire to obtain a better understanding of the cases and legal complexities. As a result, if you have an LLB degree, this could be an interesting career path for you.


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