Can police enter without search warrrant and sieze things in the house

25-Jun-2023 (In Civil Law)
I and my friends were celebrating send off party for one person at our flat which is in a residential area. We were dancing on music when all of a sudden police jumped in and wrote down names of everyone and took speakers as well. It was just a normal computer speakers. They took one person mobile as well. They inspected home also without any permission. We were not doing any illegal activities. So now they are asking for Rs.12000 fine which is too much.. to get those two items speaker and mobile back. Please provide your advice.
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Any officer, who is in charge of a police station, or an investigating officer has the authority to conduct a search of any place situated within the jurisdiction of his police station for anything connected with the offence.

ÔÇťOrdinarily, the police must carry a search warrant before entering a residence or a private office. However, in matters of investigation of cognizable offences, the police has the right not only to enter, but even to make arrests without a warrant.

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Dear Sir/madam
The police cannot enter your house, it was wrong on their part but maybe someone from your neighborhood must have complained regarding the volume or nuisance if any.
See, if the case was of larger amount than it was suggestable to approach the court but as it is of pity money, you should try to settle the case with police officials.
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There would some complaint against you from your neighborhood. You have not mentioned time of party as loud music not allowed after 10.30 pm. Police can not search without search warrent in normal cases but there are exception to this law as well. If you were not at fault and you can prove this, please seek help of higher police officers and file complaint against the SI or Constable involved.
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The police has right to search and seize the articles without search warrant but only in specific conditions as per Crpc when they suspect that some stolen property or articles or people who create suspicion of commission of any offence ,in your case it was not necessary they would have questioned you and warned you.A complaint stating your grievances can be given in writing to the concerned SHO/ACP/DCP of your area and may be Magistrate if so required.

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