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Arbitration, Cheque Bounce, Child Custody, Court Marriage, Criminal, Divorce, Documentation, Domestic Violence, Family, High Court, Muslim Law, Property, Recovery
Language(s) Spoken: English, Hindi
Advocate Sudershani has since been practicing and handling cases independently with a result oriented approach, both professionally and ethically and has now acquired 8 years of professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services. She has completed her BA.LLB(Hons) from Jamia Millia Islamia and has been practicing and handling cases independently and provides legal consultancy and advisory services.

Advocate Sudershani provides services in various field of civil as well as corporate laws, inter-alia, Suits, Writs, Petitions, Appeals, Revisions, Complaints relating to debt recovery, dishonor of cheques, rent control act, property disputes, matrimonial disputes, consumer complaints, complaints pertaining to Food Adulteration Act and service matter . In addition to this she is skilled in drafting and vetting various kinds of agreement such as Master Service Agreement, Service Agreement, Teaming Agreement, Consortium Agreement, various Tripartite Agreement, RFQs, Letter of Intent, MOU, Agreement with Celebrity, Endorsement Agreement, License Agreement, Sub-Licensing Agreement, Sub-Contracting, Third Party Agreement, Sale Deed, Corporate Lease Agreement, Development Agreement(Real estate), broadcasting agreement.

Advocate Ray enrolled with the Bar Council of Delhi in 2008. She is also a member of the Delhi Bar Council.

Enrollment Number : D/1455/08

  • Central Administrative Tribunal (CAT) Delhi,
  • Delhi High Court,
  • District Court, Dwarka,
  • District Court, Faridabad,
  • District Court, Gautambuddha Nagar,
  • District Court, Ghaziabad,
  • District Court, Gurgaon,
  • District Court, Karkardooma ,
  • District Court, Patiala House,
  • District Court, Rohini,
  • District Court, Saket,
  • District Court, Tis Hazari,
  • Supreme Court Of India

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Pankaj K - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Your tireless efforts put in, in my legal matter are highly appreciable. Your prompt responses and attention has fetched me the expected result. If it hadn't for your analytical skills and knowledge, the matter wouldn't have been settled by now. I am grateful to you for representing me in the lawsuit with utmost care and concern. Thanks for prioritizing me as a client and doing everything in your power to help me.
Over 3 months ago
Rajan Sridhar - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Thank you, Drishti and Ms Ray for the support and patience shown in closing the case. We managed to collect the order around 415 pm and it is as per the records submitted. Me and my brother want to offer our sincere efforts put in by your team to bring the case to a logical conclusion.
1 month ago
Mandeep - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Thank you so much mam U fought like warrior I am speechless U are an amazing person.
1 month ago
Reesha - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Sudershini Madam is one of the Kindest Soul I have met in this Profession, she has Whirlpool of patience and that makes her a Good listener which is very important for a client. Most dependable Lawyer I have ever met, all she needs to know is that you need justice and then there is no looking back. Not only Madam but her whole team is as good n human as she herself is, specially her associate Sambhavi.
2 months ago
Ajay Jain - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Ms. Sudershani Ray is an experienced Advocate in Family Court matters. Thank you for her professionalism, sympathetic support, knowledge and fantastic support team. Due to this covid pandemic it was difficult to meet her personally but I shared my documents on whatsapp and immediately she replied on that. She handled my case very well. Much appreciated. Good work.
Over 3 months ago
Vijay Kumar Khanna - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Based on her advice, I will be taking the next steps towards resolution of my matter.
1 month ago
amit eslis - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The lawyer was forthcoming and discussed the issue at length. The meeting was successful. She was very approachable. I recommend LawRato to everyone who is in need of lawyers. They will help you for sure!
1 month ago
Jeff - Verified Client LawRato LawRato
This lady was very impatient with me. She didn't let me finish my description of my case, interrupted repeatedly, just wanted to end the conversation as quick as possible. She didn't ever find a quiet place and sit down to talk with me during the time window I paid her for. She talked with me for only 10 minutes, and hung up on me rudely. She was unprofessional and lack of expertise and experience.
1 month ago
Virendra - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Meeting was nice and satisfying.
1 month ago
Shradhanjali Yadav - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
All of my legal problems were successfully resolved by Advocate Sudershani Ray. The lawyer gave me the right guidance. The lawyer helped me in taking the right decision going forward.
1 month ago

Questions Answered by Advocate Sudershani Ray

Q: Can registered GPA holder sell the property?

I am going to buy a flat in Pune. The builder has registered the GPA in the name of his son. He told me that the power to execute the sale lies with his son now. Is this valid and will this affect the sale?

Advocate Sudershani Ray answered
A GPA (General Power of Attorney) registration refers to the process of officially recording a power of attorney document with the relevant authority, usually the Sub-Registrar's Office. Registering a GPA involves submitting the GPA document along with the necessary supporting documents and paying the applicable registration fees. Once registered, the GPA becomes a legally recognized document.Regarding the authority of a registered GPA holder to sell a property, it depends on the specific terms and conditions mentioned in the GPA document and the laws of the jurisdiction where the property is located. In some jurisdictions, a registered GPA holder may have the power to sell the property on behalf of the property owner (the principal) if the GPA explicitly grants such authority.However, it's important to note that there have been legal developments and court judgments in India that have affected the enforceability of GPAs for property transactions. Some states have imposed restrictions or additional requirements on the sale of properties through GPAs. For example, in Maharashtra, the state has imposed specific conditions and regulations for the sale of immovable properties through registered GPAs.Selling property through GPA had become common practice across Indian cities, owing to the monetary benefits it offered, both the buyer and the seller. Typically, a sale deed must be carried out for transferring property titles, following which the buyer has to pay stamp duty and registration charges. If you plan to buy a property through GPA, you must remember that as a standard practice, banks do not lend money to property transactions done through GPA. For banks to lend money, clear property tiles are the first and foremost requirement.To ascertain the specific rights and authority of a registered GPA holder to sell a property, it is advisable to consult with a local property lawyer who can review the GPA document, examine the relevant laws and regulations of the jurisdiction, and provide accurate advice based on the current legal position.

Q: Can my neighbour construct boundary wall adjacent to my boundary

MY Neighbor has started building his new home without leaving any distance from one side of my boundary wall. his pillars are adjacent to my boundary wall. is it legal or illegal?? can i stop him from doing this?? if yes, then how?? plz help

Advocate Sudershani Ray answered
The legality of your neighbour's construction and whether you can stop it will depend on the specific zoning and building regulations in your locality. Here are some construction rules for neighbours in India:Local building regulations: Check the local building regulations, zoning laws, and any applicable development plans or bylaws in your area. These regulations typically specify setback requirements, which determine the minimum distance that new structures must maintain from property boundaries. These setback requirements are in place to ensure safety, privacy, and proper access to sunlight and ventilation for neighbouring properties. If your neighbour's construction violates these setback requirements, it may be considered illegal.Communicate with your neighbour: It is usually a good first step to discuss the issue with your neighbour and express your concerns. They may not be aware of the violation or may be willing to make adjustments to comply with the regulations.Local authorities: If your neighbour continues to build in violation of the setback requirements or if they refuse to cooperate, you can report the issue to the local municipal authorities or building control department. Provide them with the necessary details and evidence of the violation, such as photographs or property documents.Legal action: If the local authorities do not take appropriate action, or if you believe your rights are being infringed upon, you may need to seek legal recourse. You may choose to obtain a court injunction to stop the construction or pursue a legal claim for the encroachment.Please note that the specific procedures and regulations may vary depending on your location. It is crucial to consult with a qualified property lawyer who is familiar with the laws and regulations in your area to get accurate and relevant legal advice tailored to your situation.

Q: Can I get a registered gift deed cancelled ?

My grand father has own agriculture land hy his hardwork nd he wrote nd registered gift deed to my mom nd nd my uncle(dad brother) nd after 3years my grandfather is saying I want my land back bcz my uncle is controlling my grand father nd he wants to grab land from my mom is gift deed cancelable it's registered in register office nd 3years back

Advocate Sudershani Ray answered
There are two modes of cancellation of a gift deed under Section 126 of the Transfer of Property Act of 1882:Revocation by mutual agreement of the donor and donee: The donor and donee may agree that the gift shall be suspended or revoked upon the happening of an event not dependent upon the donor. The condition for revoking the gift must be expressly stated in the gift deed or in a separate mutual agreement forming part of the transaction. This type of revocation is governed by the agreed-upon conditions.Revocation by rescission as in the case of contracts: If the consent of the donor was not free and was obtained through coercion, undue influence, fraud, or misrepresentation, the gift can be revoked on the same grounds on which a contract can be rescinded. The period of limitation for revoking gifts on these grounds is three years from the date on which the donor becomes aware of fraud, coercion, misrepresentation, or undue influence.It's important to note that the specific time limit for cancellation of gift deed on the grounds of fraud, coercion, misrepresentation, or undue influence is three years from the date of knowledge by the donor.

Q: Can father sell ancestral property w/o children consent

Can a father sell his ancestral property without permission of his children? If yes, what are the options for selling the ancestral property? After what age children cannot claim on ancestral property?

Advocate Sudershani Ray answered
Under Hindu law, the general principle is that a father cannot sell the ancestral property without the consent of his adult sons (coparceners). The concept of ancestral property refers to property that is inherited by male descendants from three generations, including the father, grandfather, and great-grandfather.According to the Hindu Succession Act, 1956, if a property is considered ancestral, it is held jointly by all the coparceners. Each coparcener has an equal share and a right to the property. In such cases, the consent of all adult coparceners is typically required for the valid sale or alienation of the ancestral property.The Karta, who is the head of the family, generally has the power to manage and administer the ancestral property. However, the karta's power is limited when it comes to selling or alienating the property. The consent of all adult coparceners, including the son, is usually necessary for such actions.It's important to note that there can be exceptions and variations based on specific circumstances, court interpretations, and personal laws. For example, in certain situations, such as legal necessity or benefit to the family, the karta may have the authority to sell the ancestral property without the consent of all coparceners.As long as someone is considered a coparcener and the property is ancestral, they can have a claim on it. The concept of the coparcenary and the rights of children to the ancestral property are not strictly dependent on age but on their status as coparceners within the family.

Q: Can i file a complaint against mahila mandal female officer ?

Sir my all family is Vitim of falls 125CRPC and , accused DV, Dowri tort on us n asking ₹ 500000 nett. And15000₹maintaince.they shown my income shown also falls.since five years we all are proooved unguilty even though in mahila madal also.she n her parents did not told any single word against.because I had brought 8vitness . But the madam forced me to give money to she n to self as her charge and taken sign on 18 of Oct.before all vitness.In nov.18.I rejected to give money n asked to send my wife. She raised hand to beat me n sister threatened 498, jail , highcourt ,10,00000₹ recover as comp. Before vitness.this before in fine insulted me before vitness in sep.18. Then she filed 125 In december may I file bribe n Defamation n cheating by filing fallcase n against her.pls guideme.My wife's parent were made insult by asulting me with silly words and come beating before 7witnes in phone also three years back.threaten to loose my job by filing case. Threat nof suicide from wife

Advocate Sudershani Ray answered
If a female officer of a mahila mandal near you has assaulted and defamed you in front of others, threatened you with false prosecution and extorted money from you, and subsequently launched a false prosecution against you under 125 CrPC, you can take the following steps to address the issues:1. Gather evidence: Collect any evidence you have, such as photographs, videos, audio recordings, or text messages that support your claims. These can be crucial in substantiating your complaint.2. File a police complaint: Visit your local police station and file a First Information Report (FIR) against the female officer, detailing the incidents of threats, physical assault, extortion, defamation, and bribery. Provide the police with all the evidence and information you have.The penal provisions that apply to your set of facts are -a. Criminal Intimidation - Section 506 of the IPC deals with the criminal offence of criminal intimidation, which can apply when someone threatens injury to another person's reputation, causing them to do an illegal act.b. Extortion - Section 383 of the IPC covers the offence of extortion, which can apply when someone uses force or threats to compel another person to deliver any property or valuable security.c. Assault - Section 352 of the IPC deals with the offence of assault, which can apply when someone intentionally uses force against another person without their consent.d. Defamation: Section 499 of the IPC covers the offence of defamation, which can apply when someone makes a false statement that harms another person's reputation.e. False Charge: Section 211 of the IPC deals with the offence of instituting false criminal proceedings against a person with the intent to injure that person.3. Contact higher authorities: If you encounter any resistance or inaction from the local police, you can escalate the matter to higher authorities. This may include contacting the Superintendent of Police (SP) or the Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP) in your area and explaining the situation to them.4. Approach the State Women's Commission: You can also file a complaint with the State Women's Commission in your state. They are responsible for addressing issues related to women's rights and can assist in investigating and resolving the matter.You may also choose to consult with a lawyer who specializes in criminal law to understand the legal options available to you and guide you through the process, represent you, and help you navigate the legal aspects of your case. Remember, it is essential to act promptly and ensure that you have proper documentation and evidence to support your claims.


Frequently Asked Questions about Advocate Sudershani Ray

Can Advocate Sudershani Ray represent me in court?

Yes, Advocate Sudershani Ray can represent you in court. The lawyer is trained to present your case in the most effective way possible.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with Advocate Sudershani Ray?

When you meet with Advocate Sudershani Ray for an initial consultation, it is important to bring any relevant documents or information with you. This may include documents related to your legal issue, such as contracts or court orders, as well as any other relevant information, such as a list of questions or concerns you have about your case.

How do I prepare for my initial consultation with Advocate Sudershani Ray?

Before your initial consultation with Advocate Sudershani Ray, it can be helpful to think about the specific legal issue you are facing and any questions or concerns you have about your case. You should also gather any relevant documents or information that you think may be helpful in understanding your situation.

What should I expect during my initial consultation with Advocate Sudershani Ray?

During your initial consultation with Advocate Sudershani Ray, you can expect to discuss the specific legal issue you are facing and the details of your situation. Lawyer will ask you questions to get a better understanding of your case and will provide you with information about your legal options and any potential outcomes.

How do I communicate with Advocate Sudershani Ray?

It is important to communicate with Advocate Sudershani Ray regularly to stay updated on the progress of your case and to discuss any new developments or concerns you may have. You can communicate with the lawyer through phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings.

How much does it cost to hire Advocate Sudershani Ray?

The cost of hiring Advocate Sudershani Ray can vary widely. Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others charge a flat fee for their services. Some also offer free initial consultations to discuss your case. Kindly contact the lawyer directly to enquire about the fee.