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Advocate K S Archana
Practice Areas
Anticipatory Bail, Breach of Contract, Cheque Bounce, Child Custody, Civil, Corporate, Court Marriage, Criminal, Divorce, Family, High Court, Property, Recovery, Startup, Succession Certificate, Wills / Trusts
Language(s) Spoken: English, Hindi
Advocate K S Archana has been practicing and handling cases independently with a result oriented approach, both professionally and ethically and has now acquired many years of professional experience in providing legal consultancy and advisory services
Advocate K S Archana

File for Divorce
Reply / Send Legal Notice for Divorce
Contest / Appeal in Divorce Case
Dowry Demand / Domestic Violence / Abuse
Alimony / Maintenance Issue
Child Custody Issue
Extramarital Affair / Cheating
Marital Finance / Property Issues
Family / In-law Problems
Family Property Dispute
Transfer of Ancestral Property
Illegal Possession
Illegal Construction
Transfer of Ownership / Name Change
Gifting of Property
Municipal Corporation Issues
Divorce / Matrimonial Issue
Succession of Property / Assets
Legal Heir Certificate
Property Dispute / Partition
Family Dispute
Wills / Trusts
Gift of Assets
Bank issues
Reply / Send Legal Notice in Financial Case
Lawyer for Summons / Warrants
Wrongful Arrest
Threat / Injury
Financial Fraud
Theft / Robbery
Forgery / Fraud
Contract Drafting / Review
Sexual Harassment at work
Venture Capital / Funding Related
Business / Trade License
Mergers & Acquisitions
Matrimonial / Divorce Related
Property Issue
Cheque Bounce
Family Dispute
Transfer Petition
Startup legal / advisory
  • Bangalore District Court
  • Chief Metropolitan Magistrate Court, Bangalore
  • City Civil Court, Bangalore
  • Family Court, Bangalore
  • Karnataka High Court
  • Karnataka State Consumer Dispute Redressal Commission, Bangalore
  • Trial Courts, Bangalore

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Shirish I - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Very nice personality. Despite having such a high profile, she was very helpful for smallest queries too.I solved all my problems by interacting with her.
Over 3 months ago
Donny David - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Very friendly in call and good suggestion. understood my issue quite well and guided me through the entire process.
Over 3 months ago
Isaac - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
The office team is very great and their soft skills need appreciation. Quick responses and easy communication.
Over 3 months ago
DARSHAN - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Thank you for showing your great example of service and giving me your wonderful advice. It really meant a lot to me that you were so willing to listen and help
Over 3 months ago
Soumya - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
she tries to get deep into the matters that she takes up and gives her 100%. Highly satisfied with her work.
Over 3 months ago
kishore - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
She is very professional and competent in her deliverables which she provides in both friendly and accessible manner. Her immense knowledge about law helped us
Over 3 months ago
Raghu - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
It was most needed guidance. Like the way they help
Over 3 months ago
Roja - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
I really appreciate you taking the time to speak with me.
Over 3 months ago
Shweta Ganiger - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
Hello mam it really nice talking to you so patiently u were listening to my case may God bless you with of clients even my case should get settled its like mother Mary as send me a angel once again u wish u all the very best thank u mam
Over 3 months ago
Swamy - Verified Client LawRato LawRato LawRato LawRato
I was guided into taking the right path set by Adv.K S Archana.
1 month ago
Advocate K S Archana

Questions Answered by Advocate K S Archana

Q: Help in Saving myself from wife.

I have a on-going contested case in court and my spouse have filed RCR (heard separately). I don’t have any kids nor property, also we have not lived under a roof for even an hour. I am bleading financially for past 2 yrs and the case is just dragging as my spouse has decided to take pleasure by watching me come to court on every hearing. I have few proofs of her roaming out and being with other guy but it’s not sufficient. I’m not lucky to meet honest Lawer’s so far, Pleaseeee Help & guide!

Advocate K S Archana answered
hi this is classic case, actually you don't have to do this and sit down for settlement. or we can work things out. please do share ur case details and please also share the details of which court and we will be able to help you out.

Q: Association harassing over renovation work in Bangalore

I bought a property in a 15 year old building in Bangalore, and started renovations. I have not touched any RCC or load bearing walls, and broke interior brick walls to expand space. I also added a new bathroom that's connected in plumbing to an existing bathroom, where i reduced a bedroom space to accommodate it, instead of expanding to balcony like many others have done. nNow the association is threatening us to stop work because of noise (we informed ahead in writing about breakage, and that 8 weeks will be required for renovation). The association president trespassed without permission, and even brought his goons to video record inside without permission. He is threatening a court stay order - to stop work and not make the bathroom. nWhat are my options? Can the association legally stop renovation work? Bye laws do not mention any stop to renovation. And bye laws require permission before entry, unless there's an emergency.

Advocate K S Archana answered
hi the association may, if they approach the court stop the work. we are handling several such association matters. the court will grant injunction specially if sought exparte. I will need to review the byelaws however trespassing isn't acceptable. you will have to approach the court of law for the same. you can also have an advocate send out a legal notice detailing out the matter on hand. you can get in touch with us on a call, for further information.

Q: @@@@@@@Threatening from BFs family...............

I am Amanda 43 from UK. I got transferred to Bangaluru last year to lead the asia pacific reason of my organization. I dated a young software guy from a local IT company here and he is a real gentleman. He really respects me as a human being. Her mom came to me yesterday and created a ruckus in my society where I live,questioning our relationship.Before reaching out to the Embassy I just want to understand a few things.Is it illegal in India to be in a mutually intimate relationship with an adult? Can any of his family member has the rights to humiliate me?Is there any legal shield which I can avail as a foreigner for any legal issue in future?

Advocate K S Archana answered
Hi Amanda, it is legally accepted that two adults are in a relationship as long as they are two consenting adults. none of his family members can humiliate you, however these kind of things do happen. please elaborate on why you would want to reach out Embassy.

Q: Need to way devorce husband and get the my maintainance and alimony

I am writing this behf my sister,nAnd Need an advisory ...She was Married in 2019 nov and after marriage ,after few days they made different house to my sister and husband , starter living seperatly, (even my sister dint asked for separate house), and his mother started to scolding u have separate my son and all, and after few days she came to his son house and started telling my sister she will make his son remarry and u are not good and started murmuring about my parents and all drama happened, and she called me and told me to take her into her parents house and I went and told both of them husband's and his mother to bring mediator (the one who fixed Marriage) and told need an discussion, and took her to my home, it is almost 2 years now, they have not contacted us, we tried initially to contact his releatives neither worked, recently I called his husband asked to give her belongings and he returned and my sister want devorce now,. As she don't have any left over trust , pls help

Advocate K S Archana answered
you will need to file a divorce. also is your sister working to file maintenance. have you sent any legal notice to him? you can contact us we can file the required case Or arrange for mediation. are you seeking any alimony for your sister

Q: Guidence........................ for child custody for my sister.

Hello sir, my sister got married 6years back. Accidentally her husband got expired 11 months sister has a son of 5 years age. since the death of husband she has been living with in laws in spite of torcher by them.Now we want to bring her back with all the things that we gave on marriage along with her son.But her in laws says we wouldn't give you the child.Now we have a meeting with them on October 5th if issue is raised to legal or police.Proceedings what would happen and who would get the immediate custody of the child as my sister can't live without her son. please give your suggestion........what we do now....Waiting for your response

Advocate K S Archana answered
custody matters cannot be decided by the police. the inlaws will have to file a case and fight for custody. she may bring the child and start living with you. the matters dealing with child and that too seperating thr child from mother doesn't happen so easily. please do get in touch for fighting the custody case.

Frequently Asked Questions about Advocate K S Archana

Can Advocate K S Archana represent me in court?

Yes, Advocate K S Archana can represent you in court. The lawyer is trained to present your case in the most effective way possible.

What should I bring to my initial consultation with Advocate K S Archana?

When you meet with Advocate K S Archana for an initial consultation, it is important to bring any relevant documents or information with you. This may include documents related to your legal issue, such as contracts or court orders, as well as any other relevant information, such as a list of questions or concerns you have about your case.

How do I prepare for my initial consultation with Advocate K S Archana?

Before your initial consultation with Advocate K S Archana, it can be helpful to think about the specific legal issue you are facing and any questions or concerns you have about your case. You should also gather any relevant documents or information that you think may be helpful in understanding your situation.

What should I expect during my initial consultation with Advocate K S Archana?

During your initial consultation with Advocate K S Archana, you can expect to discuss the specific legal issue you are facing and the details of your situation. Lawyer will ask you questions to get a better understanding of your case and will provide you with information about your legal options and any potential outcomes.

How do I communicate with Advocate K S Archana?

It is important to communicate with Advocate K S Archana regularly to stay updated on the progress of your case and to discuss any new developments or concerns you may have. You can communicate with the lawyer through phone calls, emails, or in-person meetings.

How much does it cost to hire Advocate K S Archana?

The cost of hiring Advocate K S Archana can vary widely. Some lawyers charge hourly rates, while others charge a flat fee for their services. Some also offer free initial consultations to discuss your case. Kindly contact the lawyer directly to enquire about the fee.

Advocate K S Archana