Does the developer/builder own the land where the apartments situate

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I own an apartment in Ernakulam (1 among 96 flats , 4 Blocks- 24 flats in each block). When we occupied, our apartment and everything was free from any kind of encumberance and legal cases (we bought in on 2008). However, later the builder happens to engage in fraud and many cases were filed against the builder from different parts of the state (Kerala). When we pay land tax now, there is a remark, mentioning there are cases against the said thandaper (rent roll, the document number of the land). The village officer said that the land is owned by the builder and thus any attachment cases against the builder will also affect our land, where our flat/apartment complex is situated. We checked the past 30 years encumberance for our property and it is totally clean. Who is true owner of the land? Do we only have undivided share or ownership also?
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When one person has purchased one's apartment in a multi-unit building, the apartment owner has two interests in land: the exclusive possession of the apartment itself, and an attached covenant that grants the apartment owner certain access to the building and grounds in exchange for a promise from the building owner that the owner will maintain the building and grounds. That is ; when you buy an apartment, you are technically buying two things. The first component is the constructed part of the building where the owners will actually reside, while the second is a proportionate share of the land on which the property is built.

In case of Condominium, even one person who owns the entire building can form a Condominium provided there are at least five Apartments in the building. In the case of a Condominium, the title of each Apartment rests with the Apartment owner, who also has a proportionate undivided interest in the land on which the building stands the common areas and facilities of the building.
The sum of all the undivided shares for each apartment owner must be proportionate to the area of the land in which the apartment has been constructed. undivided shares can be calculated by multiplying the total land area with the size of the individual apartment and dividing the result by the total area of all apartments in the project.

So peruse the sale deed first. There is usually a dedicated section in the agreement that gives the details regarding the undivided shares, which is often mentioned in either percentage terms
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What is undivided share of land in row house?

UDS, or Undivided Share Land, is the part of land that belongs the owner of a living unit within a building complex. This land share does not have clearly defined boundaries, and each unit on the plot has its own UDS.

What is an undivided share of property?

UDS (Undivided Share) is the portion of land owned by the purchaser of a flat in a complex residential on the plot where the entire structure is constructed. Each flat built on the plot will have a portion of land, but there wont be any boundaries.

What is the formula for undivided share of land?

How do you calculate the undivided land share? Calculate the undivided land share using this formula: Total Land Area x Size Of The Individual Apartment / Total Area of All Apartments In The Building. 15-Dec-2022

How to calculate UDS for villas?

A simple formula is used to determine the amount. Calculated by multiplying total land area by the size of each apartment, and then dividing by the total surface of all the apartments in the project. 1. A car park that is allotted to you is an important asset for the calculation UDS.


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