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Under most circumstances, NRI litigants are required to come and attend almost every court date for legal issues in India. Most matters still get neglected due to lack of time on the part of relatives’ or friends, if they handle these on your behalf. With LawRato, Overseas citizens are spared the anguish of travelling back and forth, saving time and money.

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Our lawyer network has over 7000 verified lawyers across 500 cities in India, and we can help select the best lawyer for your matter. Common NRI legal matters handled by us include:

Property Dispute and Partition of Ancestral Property

It’s common practice for relatives in India to illegally occupy property owned by their near and dear ones, specially in case the near and dear ones happen to be NRIs. It’s also observed that vacant property plots and houses that are thought to be safely guarded and locked have often been found to be in possession of local miscreants and goons.

The only legal relief in such circumstances is to file a criminal complaint of trespassing and cheating along with civil suit for injunction and eviction in the concerned court of law.

It has also been seen that due to social structures and sensitivities in India, most parents avoid executing a Will here. Because of this, post the parent’s demise, a lot of siblings have to take the legal recourse to divide the property. The situation becomes tougher for NRIs, especially if the property possession is with their siblings or relatives.

The best course of action is to file a partition suit, and an interim application of injunction restraining anybody to sell the property until partition is done by the court. Physical presence can also be avoided if you provide a Power of Attorney to a friend or a trustworthy relative.

LawRato helps you find trusted and verified top lawyers in India with experience in similar matters, who can file and fight your case without you having to travel all the way to India to protect your rights.

Divorce, Annulment and Child Custody

NRIs who are involved in matrimonial crisis often faces complex situation of divorce, annulment and child custody and related legal proceedings.

They have option of filing a divorce case in India, however, the biggest problem they face is direct interaction with their prospective Divorce Lawyer to understand the complex issues of cross-border divorce cases and NRI Divorce Laws.

LawRato has expertise in Divorce matters involving NRIs, etc. We understand that time is of essence and attending Court hearing is expensive as well as time consuming. Lawyers at LawRato work out a strategy to ensure that the client is required to personally appear only once or twice during the entire contested divorce case. We have also achieved the unique distinction of getting Divorce by Mutual Consent via Power of Attorney and video-conferencing which ensures that the concerned parties do not have to travel to India even once during the Mutual Divorce proceedings.

Delayed possession of property / builder flat

As per a recent report, more than 90% of builder projects are running way beyond their promised possession dates and there is no clear indication of when these deliveries will happen. A lot of investors, especially NRIs who’ve invested in such projects have their huge investments stuck and have no easy means to take legal action against these real estate developers.

The seriousness of the situation is evident from the new Real Estate Bill, which came into effect on May 1st 2016, which has tightened the screws on real estate developers and has made it easier for homeowners to take legal action. Also, there have been numerous consumer court orders in favor of owners recently. However, a lot of NRIs are unable to take legal action because of travel issues and unreliable support in India.

LawRato has already helped numerous harassed buyers in India & NRIs to take collective legal action against most of the big names in the real estate sector. Contact us in case you have booked a property in India and are still waiting to get delivery / possession.

Transfer of Property

More often than not, NRIs are not well informed about the laws related to inheritance & gift deeds. As per RBI guidelines – an agricultural land cannot betransferred to an NRI via a gift deed, but only through inheritance. Many such complexities are overseen by NRIs leading to them being cheated by their own family members / close associates or via illegal encroachment, sale and possession by third parties.

A registered Will or a succession certificate obtained from court, an encumbrance certificate and Khata khatoni are some of the documents required for the transfer process. The application is to be presented to the local authorities, and various local authorities have different procedures. Because of the complicated processes most NRIs end-up executing a Power of Attorney in the name of a relative, friend or trusted person to conduct the mutation process – which is risky & unreliable as the stakes in case of a property transfer are too high in most of the cases.

LawRato connects you to top verified lawyers experienced in property mutation matters for NRIs and also provides active support throughout the process, so that you can handle the matter remotely without any worry or stress.

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Beyond expert legal advice and representation, we understand the challenges of time differences, remote communication and approval processes which come into play when representing an NRI client. Our select network of lawyers have completely oriented their systems to suit the needs of NRI clients.

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