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People invest their entire lifetime savings in buying property hence it is important to get property documents verified and checked before purchasing the property and secure themselves from risk of fraud, defective title and fraudulent documents. Our team of experienced advocate's all across 400+ cities in India provides first rate professional legal services and guidance for your Property Verification Process.

What's Included

a) Generating Title Search Report of the last 13 years & Certified Copy from the Registrar / sub registrar office.

b) Verification of previous ownership documents for checking the title and rights of the seller.

c) Verification of Sales Deed for checking the title and rights of the seller.

d) Verification of Agreement to sell for checking the title and rights of the seller.

e) Verification of Conveyance deed and Will for checking the title and rights of the seller.

f) Verification of Perpetual lease deed for checking the title and rights of the seller.

g) Verify and check that the documents have been registered and appropriate stamp duty has been paid.

What's Not Included

a) Title search report for more than 13 years.

b) Final list of deliverables may vary depending on available documents and property type.

c) Verification of certain type of properties like large land parcels, agricultural land, large commercial buildings and complexes, etc.

You may Also Want To Know

a) In what all situations, do property documents need to be verified?
Documents need to be verified when you are entering into to a transaction involving property such as:
a) when you as a purchaser are taking a home loan
b) when you are mortgaging your property for obtaining loan against property
c) when you are taking a property on a long term lease for commercial purposes etc.

b) Which all documents should be verified?
The following documents should be verified:
a) Conveyance Deed
b) Sale Deed
c) Agreement To Sell
d) GPA/Power Of Attorney
e) Will
f) Relinquishment Deed
g) Partition Deed
h) Freehold/Mutation Details etc.

c) Is it worth to get documents verified/checked?
For a property valued at lakhs and crores, spending a few thousand on verification is a wise decision as it will ensure you are investing such a huge amount in the right property. Compared to the commissions charged by real estate brokers, the expenses involved in title verification is almost negligible.

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