Draft Legal Notice/Reply To A Legal Notice For Dues Recovery

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If you are facing any sort of dispute with your Employer, you can legally send a notice to your Employer before reaching to the courts as the last resort. Most Service & Employment disputes get settled once they receive a legal notice. LawRato helps you send a legal notice drafted by an experienced advocate, which increases the chances of getting your Service & Employment dispute resolved.

What's Included

a) Introduction call. A 30-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about specific facts of your situation.

b) Draft of Legal Notice. The advocate will share the draft of the legal notice for your approval.

c) Dispatch of Legal Notice. Once the notice is finalized after your approval, the advocate will dispatch the legal notice through registered post and share the tracking number.

What's Not Included

a) Filing of any case post sending out the legal notice is not included in this service.

You May Also Want To Know

a) When should I send legal notice to my employer for recovery of dues?
If you have left the company, or haven't received due salary, and the outstanding is over 90 days old, you can send a legal notice for recovery of dues. However, it is advisable to contact the company and try to recover the dues before initiating any legal proceedings.

b) What if the company is refusing to pay me my dues?
A company CAN NOT HOLD P.F.
A company can not make any UNAUTHORISED, ILLEGAL DEDUCTION (Re : Payment of Wages Act).
Any other dues which the company may owe you is covered by the respective employment contact you may have signed at the timing of joining/ last appraisal. 
The action that an employee can take against an employer for delay in settlement of dues depends largely on the terms of the Offer of Appointment.

c) Can I send a notice myself without a lawyer?
Yes. You can send a notice for recovery of dues on your own. But it is advisable to send one through a reputed lawyer as it shows your intent to pursue legal action if dues are not settled, and a lawyer will ensure that the notice contents stand up in court, if you decide to pursue the matter further.

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