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Trust drafted by an expert advocate. The advocate will work with you to write a trust that expresses how you want your property and assets to be handled. This is right for you if you want to make sure your property and assets are handled the way you want without the burden and cost of going through unnecessary litigation in courts.

What's Included

a) Introduction call. A 30-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about how you will work together

b) Checklist of list of documents required will be shared.

c) Verification of your documents.

d) Drafting of the Trust Deed and Handling the required paperwork.

e) Registration of the Trust Deed at the Registrar\Sub-registrar’s office.

What's Not Included

a) Court fees and Stamp Duty as applicable shall be payable extra.

You May Also Want To Know

a) What is a Trust?
Trust means an obligation attached to the ownership of property, and arising out of a confidence reposed in and accepted by the owner, or declared and accepted by him, for the benefit of another, or of another and the owner.

b) What are the essentials for a valid Trust?
A valid trust requires the following four certainties:
-Certainty of author’s intention;
-Certainty of object;
-Certainty of beneficiary, and
-Certainty of trust property.

c) Who may be a trustee under the trust laws?
Every person capable of holding property may be a trustee. But where a trust involves the exercise of discretion, a person who is competent to contract can be a trustee. No person is, however, bound to accept a trust.

d) What are the essential requirements for a Public Trust?
The general rule which emerges from judicial authorities is that an effective charitable trust must satisfy three requirements:
-The trust must be of charitable nature.
-The trust must be for the promotion of public benefit.
-The trust must be wholly and exclusively charitable.

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