• Uber cab driver harasses and tries to abduct a woman

    March 13, 2018


    In a shocking incident, a man posing as Uber driver has been arrested for allegedly abducting and sexually harassing a woman.  In a statement released by Uber, it has been stated that they have initiated action against the driver and are cooperating with the police in the investigation.

    The incident took place on March 9 evening when a 29-year-old woman, who works as an advisor in an MNC, booked an Uber ride from Kundli in Haryana for her residence in Sector- 3, Rohini. As the cab arrived, she noticed that the vehicle had a white number plate instead of a yellow one and it had tinted glasses. Moreover, the driver’s face did not match with the image of the driver provided by Uber on their application.

    The woman got scared as the driver was allegedly drunk and he diverted the vehicle to a secluded route as well as made unwanted advances and expressions towards her. As she tried to get out of the vehicle at a traffic signal, the driver locked the doors using the central locking system. When the cab slowed down near Karnal GT Road due to traffic, the woman quickly unlocked the door and came out of the car as a result of which the driver got frightened and sped off. The woman registered a complaint with the Mahendra Park Police Station and the accused named Sanjay alias Sanju was arrested from Sonipat next morning itself. According to the police, he was found in an inebriated state inside the cab parked outside the vehicle owner’s house.

    During the investigation, it was found that Sanjay did not have a driver’s license and neither had the commercial number plate of the vehicle. It further came to the notice of the police that the man who was registered with Uber as the vehicle's driver had given his vehicle to Sanju to drive.
    An official of Uber stated that they have removed the driver who allowed another man to drive his vehicle. The company official further stated that the driver has violated the terms of the agreement and the company will take strict action against him for letting an unregistered driver without a license access his account and take trips.

  • Lawyer Comments

  • Indeed a sad news for the entire country and in specific for the state of haryana.
    In a world of technology such an event has occurred, thus leaving a doubt in the minds of thousands of women at this very moment regarding their safety.
    I personally believe that Uber may justify in more than one ways, but this has been an act of shock.
    My critical interpretation about the happening is that this driver Sanjay @ Sanju should be reprimanded with the most strict laws as he has impersonated someone else. Further, the driver on whose name the cab was being run shall also be liable for prosecution.

    Advocate Abhayjeet Singh Rao

      Greater Kailash 1, Delhi

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