• Prosecutrix to be prosecuted for false rape charges

    May 17, 2017

    A woman claimed to be a rape victim, complained against her dance teacher, got him arrested and put on trial. She now faces prosecution for making a "mockery" of the judicial system by filing a false case.
    The woman had accused the man of raping her on several occasions on the pretext of marriage. According to the case details, the woman had joined dance classes where the man was a teacher and they got close during the classes. When the woman was examined by the prosecutor, she revealed that she had consented to sex with the man. It was due to an altercation between them that she filed a rape complaint against the man.
    "The prosecutrix has not supported her case. She has deposed that the accused has not committed any offence against her and thus has not deposed anything incriminating against the accused", the court noted.
    From the woman's testimony, the court concluded that she had made a false complaint of rape knowing fully well that he had not done what he was accused of. As a result of the woman's complaint the man was charged with rape and remained in judicial custody for almost four months.

    "I deem it proper to prosecute the prosecutrix for the criminal offence in the interest of justice and for making a mockery of the judicial system. Precious time of the court has been wasted in conducting the trial of a false case," additional sessions judge Shail Jain observed in his judgment.
    Apart from the complainant, other witnesses in the trial included doctors and police officials. But once the woman denied the charge of rape, the court did not see any purpose in examining those witnesses.

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