• ​ISPs to remove child sexual abuse content from the web: Government

    May 13, 2017

    The women and child development ministry ordered internet service providers (ISPs) to adopt and implement the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) Resources by July-end this year. The IWF maintains a dynamic global list of websites and URLs which have online content on child sexual abuse.
    The government also asked ISPs to maintain a global list of websites containing material on child sexual abuse and keep removing such content on an ongoing basis.

    The ministry has consistently been working on ways to deal with the problem of online content on child sexual abuse and decided on certain measures to limit it last year after a stakeholder consultation.

    An inter-ministerial panel was formed and based on various consultations,  interim measures to curb the nuisance have been taken until a centralized mechanism to monitor on-line content on child sexual abuse is put in place.

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