• Justice Karnan demands Rs 14 crore compensation from SC

    March 17, 2017

    Controversial Calcutta High Court judge C S Karnan, who is facing a bailable warrant for failing to appear before the Supreme Court to respond to a contempt notice has demanded a compensation of Rs 14 crore from the seven top judges who heard the case for “disturbing his mind and normal life”.

    Facing arrest warrant for defying Supreme Court orders in a contempt case against him, Justice Karnan has passed a suo motu order, despite being divested by the SC of judicial powers, directing the CJI and six senior-most SC judges to pay him a compensation of Rs 14 crore. He also ordered the CBI to probe and report to Parliament on his complaint of corruption against 20 sitting and retired SC and HC judges.

    The allegations were construed as contempt by CJI J S Khehar, leading to setting up of the seven-judge bench which initiated contempt proceedings against him.

    The SC had issued bailable arrest warrant against him on March 10 and ordered him to be present before the court on March 31 as Justice Karnan had twice defied the SC summons seeking his presence to carry forward the proceedings.

    Ignoring the serious consequences, Justice Karnan, ordered to be divested of both judicial and administrative work by the SC, passed an order on March 15 and followed it with a letter to the seven judges on March 16.

    In the order, Justice Karnan directed the CBI to conduct a thorough probe into his corruption charges against the 20 judges and said material to substantiate his allegations was available with Madras HC. He also ordered the seven judges bench headed by the CJI to pay him a compensation of Rs 14 crore for ruining his reputation.

    "The seven judges have prevented me in carrying out my judicial and administrative works from February 8 till now. Therefore, I am calling upon all seven judges to pay compensation, a sum of Rs 14 crore as compensation to be paid within a period of seven days, since you disturbed my mind and my normal life, besides you have insulted me in the general public due to lack of legal knowledge," he said.


    The probes against Justice Karnan have lately been in the limelight. The order for payment of compensation made by him is not justified as there was omission of duties on his behalf too. As a result of non- appearance and defying other such orders by SC, the seven judge bench had issued bailable warrant against him. Since there is no alleged defamation, no compensation is maintainable. 

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