Consumer court Law Videos - Is it necessary to hire a lawyer at Consumer Court?

A Person can file a written complaint before the District Consumer Forum for pecuniary value of up to Rupees twenty lakh and to State Commission for value up to Rupees one crore and the National Commission for value above Rupees one crore in situations where he feels the services or goods provider did not respect the consumer rights which may come in defective goods and deficient services.

The Consumer Courts established are consumer friendly. They not only hold summary trials but also provide that a person can himself fight his case and does not necessitate the engagement of a lawyer. A person can himself fight his case. The same is encouraged when the amount so involved is low because the higher the amount, the more the chances that such a service provider engages a highly experienced lawyer. It is thought advisable to engage the services of a lawyer when the amount involved is considerable. If not a Lawyer should always be consulted before preparing for the case and representing the case so as to be aware of the nuances of law involved.

Procedure for filing a complaint at District Forum: 
• File a complaint which can be handwritten but a typed complaint just makes it easier for everyone involved including the judge
• Arrange the Complaint in order and number all the pages
a) Index
b) Application for Condonation of Delay
c) Complaint (containing the details of the grievance in chronological order, relief claimed including the grounds on which it is sought). The complaint has to be signed by the complainant.
d) Affidavit that the contents of the complaint are true
e) Copies of all documents on which the complaint relies upon
• One Original and Two Xerox copies of the same have to be submitted
• Then you have to get your Affidavit affirmed. Any public notary can do the same upon paying a nominal fee
• Then the Complaint has to be filed personally in the office of the concerned Consumer Forum.
• Then the office provides with a short date of admission where you have to appear before the Forum and show that there is a genuine consumer complaint.
• Once the Complaint is admitted, The Consumer Forum will direct you to submit more copies of the complaint (as many as there are respondents). These will be sent to the Respondents along with notice prepared by the Commission’s office.