Steps for e-filing VAT returns in India

June 05, 2020
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

All producers of goods and services that are registered under the VAT Act 2003 are furnished a user id and password by the Directorate of Commercial Taxes.

Users are required to use this id-password combination to enter the VAT e-filing system.

Conditions Required for E-Filing of VAT:

  • Get your TIN number, Tax Identification Number before you start the process of e-filing of VAT.
  • TIN is an 11-digit number furnished by the tax department of your state. This number is used to track all tax related progress related to your enterprise
  • You need to have your user-id and password as furnished by the Directorate office. Without these, no user can login to the system to pay his/her VAT return, online.
  • The password that is furnished to you needs to be changed when you login to the system for the first time
  • VAT returns can be filed online only if you have the software that accepts data for e-filing of return and then processes it to xml for uploading later.
  • The software can be downloaded from the online portal of Directorate of Commercial Taxes once you have logged in to the system

Steps for Filing VAT Returns Online

Step 1:
Login to the online portal of the Directorate of Commercial Taxes for your respective state

Step 2:
If it is the first time you are entering the website, you will be prompted for password change which you should certainly do.

Step 3:
Download the PDF version of Form 14D which is the VAT return filing form.

Step 4:
After the download is complete, the form and all the downloaded annexures need to be filled duly with data pertaining to your VAT receipts and other relevant details.

Step 5:
Create xml file out of the filled forms by using the downloaded software from the Directorate of Commercial Taxes online portal.

Step 6:
Upload the generated xml file as well as the duly filled annexures.
Step 7
Once the forms have been submitted successfully, an acknowledgement receipt will be generated. You can download or print this receipt to keep as reference for e-filing of VAT.


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