SECTION 52A IPC - Indian Penal Code - "Harbour"

Last Updated: 01 Sep, 2023
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty


Description of IPC Section 52A

According to section 52A of Indian penal code, Except in section 157, and in section 130 in the case in which the harbour is given by the wife or husband of the person harboured, the word “harbour” includes the supplying a person with shelter, food, drink, money, clothes, arms, ammunition or means of conveyance, or the assisting a person by any means, whether of the same kind as those enumerated in this section or not, to evade apprehension.

IPC 52A in Simple Words

Section 52A of the Indian Penal Code defines "harbour" as providing shelter, food, money, etc., or assisting a person in any way to avoid being caught, except in specific cases mentioned.

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