SECTION 410 IPC - Indian Penal Code - Stolen property

Last Updated: 01 Apr, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

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  1. IPC 410 in Simple Words
Property, the possession whereof has been transferred by theft, or by extortion, or by robbery, and property which has been criminally misappropriated or in respect of which criminal breach of trust has been committed, is designated as “stolen property”, whether the transfer has been made, or the misappropriation or breach of trust has been committed, within or without India. But, if such property subsequently comes into the possession of a person legally entitled to the possession thereof, it then ceases to be stolen property.

IPC 410 in Simple Words

Property obtained through theft, extortion, robbery, misappropriation, or breach of trust is considered "stolen property," whether the act occurred within or outside India, but it stops being stolen property if a person legally entitled to it possesses it later on.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is 410 of IPC?

The property that has been stolen, extorted, or robbed, as well as property that has been criminally misappropriated, or for which 1 [***] criminal breaches of trust have been committed is considered stolen property. 2[Whether the transfer was made or the...

What is the IPC for possession of stolen property?

The IPC section 411 deals with anyone who owns property despite knowing that it is stolen. First, he is a criminal before the law. He will also be sentenced to at least three years in prison.