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11-Dec-2023 (In Trademark & Copyright Law)
I have written a song and would like to ask before posting it on Youtube should i Patent the Lyrics or should i get a copyright of the song. I mean what all is required in order to make sure that nobody copies it.
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First among all, you need to have an YouTube account of your own where you will post your contents and whether that content can be downloaded or not that totally depends upon the request made by you with the YouTube team.
Then you need to get the copyright done of the content and not the patent. As patent is completely a different subject allowed for scientific purposes only.
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Songs and lyrics or for that matter any artistic, literary, dramatic or musical work or sound recording falls within the domain of copyright and not patent..

Therefore, your song and/or lyrics would be protected under the copyright law.. Under copyright law, you can claim right over your work, whether the song and/or the lyrics, from the very first day without any need for a registration.. however, legally, it is always advisable that you file for a copyright registration of your song and your lyrics (provided you want protection for both), as such a registration under the copyright act would act as first hand proof of the fact that the song and/or lyrics is owned by you. Additionally, you should put sufficient copyright disclaimers whenever and wherever you exhibit your work so that you make the public aware that the work belongs to you and any misuse of the same can lead to a legal action from your end.

Hope the above is helpful.
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one can not get patent on a song however attaining copy right is possible through the registrar of Copy rights having its office in delhi, it is advisable to get a copy right in your favour to prevent any one from reproducing it without your consent although attaining a copy right is not mandatory.
for the same I advice you to contact me personally, you may take my details from the Law Rato team.
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In case of any literary and musical works protection under Copyright Law is applicable.
It is always advisable to apply for copyright of your work as certificate of copyright serve as prima facie evidence in a court of law in event of copy/ misuse or infringement. Moreover, most websites acknowledge the liability to protect your work only if you possess the certificate of copyright.
For further information on help with registration you may contact on the information shared on my profile.
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A song is composed of two parts the lyrics and the musical work which can both be separately copyrighted. Additionally the sound recording which is created by fusing the lyrics and the musical work and recorded on a medium is the subject matter of a third copyright. A song is not the subject matter of patent.

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