Gift Deed Document Review Service

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A review of your Gift Deed by a lawyer, to make sure the document you sign protects your best interests. After your lawyer reviews the Gift Deed, they will call you to discuss any issues they see. At the end of your 30-minute call, you will understand what changes you need to make, or other steps you might need to take, before signing your Gift Deed.

What's Included

a) Document review. A review of your Gift Deed by an expert Lawyer.

b) A 30-minute phone call with the Lawyer. Most people get the answers they are looking for in less than 30 minutes, but if it goes longer, the phone will not automatically disconnect.

c) Answers and advice. The lawyer will answer your questions about your document and recommend changes if needed.

What's Not Included

a) Additional work by the Lawyer after the 30-minute phone call. Most people have the answers they need within 30 minutes, but you are welcome to talk to the attorney about hiring them for additional work after the call.

b) Fact-checking your information. For example, the lawyer will not know if you spelled your address incorrectly, but they will know if you put your address in the wrong place.

c) Editing documents. Your lawyer may recommend changes, but you are responsible for making the updates.

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