Family Law Videos - Indian Kaanoon - Procedure for Court Marriage (In Malayalam)

Court Marriage under the Special Marriage Act is quite a favored substitute for couples who want to keep their marriage ceremony simple and economical or when the marriage is inter-religion/ inter-caste. It also acts as a refuge for couples marrying against the wishes of their family. Moreover, court marriages are rather a simple procedure, performed before a marriage registrar and a few witnesses.
The procedure of a court marriage in India is as follows-
1.    Notice of Intended Marriage- A written notice is to be given by the spouses to the Sub-Registrar of the concerned District with a clear intention to marry.
2.    Publication of Notice- The marriage official has to publish the notice on the office notice board and one copy at the office of the district where the other party resides.
3.    Objections to Marriage- Any person can raise objections to the marriage on reasonable grounds to oppose marriage. In most cases, the marriage officer needs to examine the objection.
4.    Signing of Declaration- Both the spouses have to sign the declaration accompanied by 3 witnesses in the presence of the Registrar and countersigned by him.
5.    Place of Marriage- Either the office of marriage officer or any other place within a reasonable distance can be the place of marriage.
Certificate of Marriage- It is a certificate specified for marriage entered by the Registrar to be signed by both the parties and 3 witnesses.