SECTION 362 IPC - Indian Penal Code - Abduction

Last Updated: 01 Apr, 2024
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

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  1. IPC 362 in Simple Words
Whoever by force compels, or by any deceitful means induces any person to go from any place, is said to abduct that person.

IPC 362 in Simple Words

In the Indian Penal Code, if someone uses force or deceitful means to make a person leave a place, it is considered abduction.

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Section 362: Abstraction Whoever, by force or deception, induces a person to leave a place is considered to have abducted that person.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is IPC 369 and punishment?

Anyone who kidnaps or takes away a child under the legal age of ten with the intent to steal any property that is movable from their person, will be punished by imprisonment in either category for a period of up to seven years and liable to monetary fine.

What is Section 359 of the IPC?

Kidnapping is when a person has been taken by another without their consent or permission. According to Section 359 IPC, kidnapping means taking or enticing a person away against their will.

What is the IPC section 366?

Section 366: The section deals with acts that involve kidnapping a woman or abducting her with the intention of forcing her to marry someone against her will, or to force or seduce her into illicit sexual relations. This act can lead to imprisonment of up to 10 years and a fine.