Legal Notice for Wrongful Termination by Advocate Deepti Dogra

August 14, 2022

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  1. Wrongful Termination - Legal Notice
  2. Different Types of Wrongful Termination
  3. Documents Required for Filing Wrongful Termination - Legal Notice
  4. Steps to File a Legal Notice for Wrongful Termination
  5. Official Paperwork Required for Filing Wrongful Termination
  6. Co-worker's Interviews for Filing Wrongful Termination
  7. Records of events that are deemed to be important:-

Wrongful Termination - Legal Notice

When an employer discharges its employees against the provision or rule mentioned in the employment law or where the employment contract is terminated, is known or called wrongful termination. Now, this type of dismissal may vary according to the terms of the employment contract. Now, wrongful termination is difficult to prove as most employees work at will. At will, the employees can quit at any time, and also the employer can terminate the employee at any time. Therefore, the employees are considered at will, if they have no employment agreement. in case, if a company sets out a particular policy as mentioned in its manual then that policy has to be followed by each employee.

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Different Types of Wrongful Termination

Wrongful termination is one of the most common types of employment suits. There are different types of wrongful termination which are as follows:

  • Discrimination or harassment:- It is against the federal laws for employers to discriminate against their employees based on race, nationality, gender, age, religion, and disability.

  • Retaliation:- Employers cannot fire their employees in retaliation for things like reporting harassment, expressing health or safety violations, then being injured on the job, and refusing to participate in legal activities.

  • Breach of contract:- If the employee has a contract or employment agreement, then the employer cannot break the contract while firing the employee. These contracts set a limit or tie the hands of the employer while firing their employee.

  • Ignoring protected leave:- Federal and state laws protect employees from being fired based on family or medical leave. If the employer is having more than 50 employees then he/she cannot fire employees on having 12 weeks of leave per year.

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Documents Required for Filing Wrongful Termination - Legal Notice

To prove that one has been wrongfully terminated. He/she has to collect certain documents which are quite necessary for further processes, like filing a complaint. It can include jotting down derogatory, recording comments from your employees, time, date, place, and many such things. But, most importantly it is required to have written records of everything. Specifically, there are some documents that are most important:

Official Paperwork Required for Filing Wrongful Termination

1. Personal file.

2. Termination notices, or if you were fired in persons, then one should write the conversation that happened between them.

3. Performance reviews

4. Employment contract

5. Employees' handbooks or policies

6. Union contracts

7. Print out official communications

8. Pay stubs.

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Co-worker's Interviews for Filing Wrongful Termination

This states, that if the employee has been fired due to some reasons. Then, the employee needs to talk with his/her co-workers to know whether they have made the same mistakes but have got different treatment.

Records of events that are deemed to be important:-

The employees who are fired are always asked to leave the premises as soon as possible. This means there's a good idea to have evidence at home in advance.

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Steps to File a Legal Notice for Wrongful Termination

If you want to send your employer legal notice regarding wrongful termination, you have to follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Firstly, the employee who has been terminated wrongfully needs to collect the evidence as soon as possible.

  • Then, by hiring a lawyer, the employee needs to fill a form on what basis he/she was wrongfully terminated. Here, the lawyer can file the complaint on behalf of the employee.

  • Now, after this, your employer must be served notice. Now, this can be done in 3 different ways which are mainly returned receipt requests or certified mail, then county sheriff, and last but not least professional process server.

  • Now, the last step to prove is that you have been terminated for the wrong cause. Here, your case reaches the court in the three steps:- -Discovery process -Alternate dispute resolution. -Going to trial

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