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We all know the ghastly Nirbhaya incident. We campaigned on the streets. We did candlelight marches. We made the justice system take notice, and moved the case hearing to Fast Track. For the first time in the country, the Trial Court, Delhi High Court and the Supreme Court moved at extraordinary speed, and upon finding all the accused guilty, gave the death sentence to 4 of the culprits. – India’s leading legal advice platform has been helping Nirbhaya’s parents in their fight for making this country a safer place for women. We have provided them with experienced lawyers pro-Bono, and helped in raising awareness to ensure the Hon'ble Supreme Court fast-tracks the related pending hearings, and upholds the death sentence verdict of the trial court and high court. Our efforts have helped in actualising our goal in bringing justice to Nirbhaya and ensuring that the culprits have been hanged.


20 March 2020 – Justice for Nirbhaya Served: 4 convicts for gang-rape hanged 7 years after the gruesome crime

After the dismissal and rejection of the final pleas of the convicts by both the Delhi High Court and finally the Supreme Court in a midnight hearing, the long drawn battle for justice came to an end as the four men convicted for the 2012 Nirbhaya gangrape-murder case were hanged in Tihar Jail at 5:30 am.

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19 March 2020 – Pawan Gupta’s curative petition dismissed by the Supreme Court while the other three convicts also move the Supreme Court in separate petitions

Pawan Gupta, who had filed a fresh curative petition on 17th march 2020 has been rejected by the Supreme Court, stating that “no case is made out”. Further, Mukesh Singh had moved the Supreme Court claiming he was not in Delhi on the date of commission of crime which has also been dismissed. The Supreme Court also dismissed a plea challenging the rejection of his second mercy petition by Akshay Kumar Singh. Similarly, a last-minute Plea by three of the four convicts seeking a stay on their execution was also dismissed by the Delhi High Court.


18 March 2020 – Mukesh Singh challenges TrialCourt’s order dated 17.03.2020 which is dismissed by High Court. Pawan Vinay and Akshay seek stay on death penalty and Delhi Court issues notice to Tihar police



17 March 2020 – Mukesh Singh moves court to quash hanging, Pawan files fresh curative petition while Akshay files a second mercy petition

Mukesh Singh sought an order for quashing of his death penalty, claiming that he was not in Delhi at the time of commission of the crime and was actually arrested from Rajasthan and brought to Delhi on 17th December 2012, a day after the incident. However, the same was rejected by the Court. Similarly, Pawan and Akshay also take steps to delay execution of their sentence.


16 March 2020 – Mukesh Singh’s plea rejected by Supreme Court while three convicts move the ICJ

Mukesh Singh’s plea filed on 6th march 2020 for restoration of his legal remedies was rejected by the Supreme Court holding it to be not maintainable. Further, three of the four death row convicts approached the International Court of Justice at Hague seeking a stay on their execution, terming it as ‘unlawful’ and stating that they had not yet exhausted all their legal remedies.


12 March 2020 – Pawan Gupta’s father moves the High Court appealing the rejection of his plea to lodge FIR against the sole witness for charging money to give interviews to news channels



11 March 2020 – Pawan Gupta approaches court seeking registration of FIR against the police for alleged prison assault

Youngest of the 4 death row convicts, Pawan Gupta moved a Delhi court seeking registration of an FIR against two police constables for allegedly carrying out a physical assault on him while lodged in Mandoli Central Jail on 26th and 29th July, 2019. His complaint further sought a direction to allow him to appear as a witness for identifying the constables behind the assault.


06 March 2020 – Mukesh Singh moves the Supreme Court praying for restoration of his legal remedies

Just a day after fresh death warrants have been issued by the Court, death row convict Mukesh Singh moved a petition in the Supreme court seeking restoration of his legal remedies stating that his previous lawyers had misled him into exhausting all his remedies too early.


05 March 2020 – Court fixes fresh date for execution of the 4-death row

After the Delhi government moved the court on 4th march 2020, seeking a fresh date of execution of the four convicts, the Additional Sessions Judge has issued fresh death warrants for 20th March 2020.


02 March 2020 – Pawan Gupta’s curative petition is dismissed by the Supreme Court prompting him to file a mercy plea



28 February 2020 – Pawan Gupta files curative petition before the Supreme Court

Death row convict Pawan Gupta moves the Supreme Court with curative petition. He is the last of the 4 to have filed the curative petition and has sought for his death sentence to be commuted to life imprisonment sentence.


14 February 2020 – Vinay Sharma’s plea challenging rejection of his mercy petition dismissed by the Supreme Court



05 February 2020 – the Delhi High Court says all 4 convicts to be hanged together

Dismissing the Centre’s plea against an order of the Trial Court staying the execution of all 4 death row convicts in the case, the Delhi High Court has ordered that the four convicts have to be hanged together and not separately.


31 January 2020 – Pawan Gupta’s plea seeking review of the court’s decision rejecting his juvenility claim rejected by the Supreme Court



30 January 2020 – Curative petition filed by Akshay Kumar Singh dismissed by the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court already having dismissed the curative petitions of two of the four death row convicts have now rejected the curative petition filed by Akshay Kumar Singh as well, finding no merit in his plea to be spared.


25 January 2020 – Mukesh Singh moves the Supreme Court for rejection of his mercy plea

After dismissal of his mercy petition by the President on 17th January 2020, death row convict Mukesh Singh moved the Supreme Court seeking a judicial review of this rejection.


14 January 2020 – The curative petitions of 2 of the 4 death row convicts rejected by the Supreme Court. Mukesh to file a mercy plea before the President.

The Supreme Court rejected the curative petitions filed before it by death row convicts Vinay Sharma and Mukesh Singh. Curative petitions are the last judicial remedy available to the convicts in law. The rejection prompted Mukesh Singh to opt for the last remedy available to him and filed a mercy petition before President Ram Nath Kovind.


07 January 2020 – Death warrant of 4 convicts in Nirbhaya rape murder case issued by Delhi Court

The Delhi High Court has issued warrants for the hanging of the 4 death row convicts in the Nirbhaya case. As per the orders, the four convicts will be hanged on 22ndJanuary 2020 at 7 am. The death row convicts have been granted a period of 14 days to exercise the remedies available to them in law.

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19 December 2019 – Pawan Gupta’s plea of juvenility rejected by Delhi Court

Nirbhaya convict Pawan Kumar Gupta, the sole minor among the death row convicts had moved the Delhi High Court challenging his sentence on grounds that he was a juvenile when he and five others had committed the crime in 2012. The Delhi High Court rejected Pawan’s plea and upheld his sentence.


18 December 2019 – Supreme Court dismisses Akshay Kumar Singh’s review petition

A three judge bench of the Supreme Court swiftly rejected the review petition filed by one the Nirbhaya death row convicts, Akshay Kumar Singh. The court stated that the grounds mentioned in the petition were identical to those filed by the other convicts, all of which had been dismissed by it.


10 December 2019 – Akshay Kumar Singh moves Supreme Court with review petition

After over 2 years of the 2017 judgment handing out death penalty to the Nirbhaya convicts, one of the accused, Akshay Kumar Singh, filed a review petition before the Supreme Court against the death sentence, saying “executions only kill criminals, not the crime”.


06 December 2019 – Delhi government’s rejection of Vinay’s mercy petition forwarded to the President

After successive rejections of Nirbhaya accused Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition by the home department, Chief secretary, home minister Satyendra Jain as also the LG, the MHA formally forwarded the Delhi government’s recommendation rejecting Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition to the President.


02 December 2019 – the LG rejects Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition



01 December 2019 – Home Minister Delhi government Satyendra Jain rejects Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition and forwards it to the LG’s office



30 November 2019 – Chief secretary rejects Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition and moves the file to Home minister Satyendra Jain



29 November 2019 – Home department of Delhi government rejects Vinay Sharma’s mercy petition and forwards the file to chief secretary



08 November 2019 – Nirbhaya convict Vinay Sharma files mercypetition

Just days after being informed by the Tihar authorities that the Nirbhaya convicts had exercised all legal option available to them except the mercy petition, Vinay Sharma one of the four death row convicts, has filed a mercy petition before the President Ramnath Kovind.


13 December 2018 – Nirbhaya’s parents approach Court for expediting execution of the convicts

Nirbhaya’s parents move the Patiala House Court with a plea seeking expedition in the execution of the death penalty of the four convicts. Nirbhaya’s parents sought intervention of the court for the execution to take place as soon as possible without further delay.


11 September 2018 - Why delay in executing Nirbhaya convicts?: Delhi Women Commission to Tihar Jail

The Tihar Jail authorities have received a notice from the Delhi Commission for Women (DCW) over the delay of execution of the accused convicted in the Nirbhaya rape case. The notice has been sent inquiring the jail authorities about receiving the order authorizing the execution of the convicted accused in the Nirbhaya murder and rape case.

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09 July 2018 - SC dismisses the review petition upholding the death sentence for the convicts

Almost 6 years into the legal battle, the Supreme Court has now dismissed the review petition filed by the three convicts - Mukesh, Pawan Gupta and Vinay Sharma seeking a review of the judgment passed in 2017 which awarded them death penalty. The Supreme Court bench stated that there was “no miscarriage of justice” while rejecting the plea to review the death sentence given to the convicts.

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06 May 2017 – SC upholds death sentence for convicts in Nirbhaya case

After 4 long years and countless prayers from around the world, justice finally prevailed in the Nirbhaya gang rape case. The Supreme Court of India, on Friday, upheld the death sentence in the case saying that the brutal, barbaric and diabolic nature of the crime shook the conscience of humanity and they deserved the extreme punishment.

Thanks to your support, on 5th May 2017, the Supreme Court upheld the death penalty for the four convicts for the 2012 gang-rape and murder of Nirbhaya.

"The Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder case is rarest of rare case and we are compelled to give extreme punishment to ensure justice," said the apex court, while delivering the order.

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05 May 2017 – SC to give verdict on Nirbhaya case today

At 2:00 P.M today, the Supreme Court of India will deliver the much awaited verdict of the Nirbhaya case. According to a causelist released, the case would have its final verdict today around 2:00 P.M with a bench of justices.

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28 March 2017 – Marathon hearing in Nirbhaya case over: SC reserves verdict against convicts

The Supreme Court on Monday reserved its order on appeals filed by convicts in the Nirbhaya rape-cum-murder case against the death sentence awarded to them by the trial court and confirmed by the Delhi high court, after holding a marathon hearing for more than 44 days.

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18 July 2016 – LawRato helps Nirbhaya’s parents appoint Senior Advocates in Supreme Court

Helped by legal tech startup LawRato, Nirbhaya’s parents will now join the battle against the accused in the Supreme Court through Senior Advocates Gopal Jain & Mohit Mathur who have agreed to represent Nirbhaya’s mother and father as their legal counsels.

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11 July 2016 - Parents made a party to the case in Supreme Court

In a significant relief for Nirbhaya’s parents, the special three judge bench of Supreme Court headed by Justice Dipak Misra allowed the plea for impleadment of Nirbhaya's mother and father to be a party to the proceedings in the Special Leave Petition filed by the accused persons, pending and currently being heard in the Supreme Court.

Arguing on behalf of the parents, their lawyers Advocate Arjun Vinod Bobde and Advocate Jaspreet Singh Rai told the bench that they also wanted to be heard on certain aspects. The parents’ lawyers will now be a part of the entire case proceedings in the SC and will be putting forward their arguments.

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05 April 2016 - Supreme court fast tracks hearing

Nearly 2 years after staying execution of death sentence of four convicts in the Nirbhaya rape and murder case, the Supreme Court has finally fast-tracked the hearing for the please by the accused.

The convicts - Vinay Sharma , Akshay Thakur , Mukesh and Pawan Gupta - were awarded the death sentence by a trial court in September 2013 and six moths later, the Delhi high court upheld their conviction and sentence. All the convicts approached the Supreme Court in 2014, which stayed their execution.

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13 March 2016 - 4 years on – we are still where we started

The case is still pending in the Hon'ble Supreme Court for the last 2 years. No hearings. No dates. Just a vague response that it will dealt “in due course”

Of the 1303 death sentences given by Indian Courts between 2004-2013, only 4 have been carried out. So do you believe Nirbhaya will ever get justice?


9 February 2016 - Nirbhaya’s parents sidelined by our legal system

The courts have informed Nirbhaya’s parents that they “are not a party” to the legal proceedings related to their daughter’s rape and death. The Hon'ble Supreme court will take action “in due course”, and the parents are not involved in any way.

If her parents cannot intervene, and the justice system will continue to drag its feet, when will we get justice? If their daughter’s sacrifice was in vain, why will it be different for any of our daughters?


The rape deaths continue unchecked

Over 74,000 violent crimes affecting women have been reported across India within 2 years of the Nirbhaya incident. If swift justice had been provided for the Nirbhaya case, maybe this number would have been lower.

But as of now, criminal elements have no fear of the law, and citizens are losing faith that the law will protect their daughters.


Help Nirbhaya Get Justice.