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Memorandum of Association (MOA) is a document that contains all the fundamental data which are required for the company incorporation. Articles of Association (AOA) is a document containing all the rules and regulations that governs the company.

What's Included

a) Introduction call. A 15-minute phone call to know your advocate and talk about how you will work together.

b) Checklist of list of documents required will be shared.

c) Verification of your documents.

d) Drafting of the MOA\AOA and handling the required paperwork.

What's Not Included

a) Any extra work done by the advocate after the completion of the documents.

You May Also Want To Know

a) What is a Memorandum of Association?
Memorandum of Association (MOA) is the main, compulsory document required for the incorporation of the company. It must be registered with the ROC (Registrar of Companies) at the time of incorporation. It lays down the objects, scope, powers and area of operation of the company, all of which the company can’t transgress. Thus, it lays down it’s the limits of the company.


b) What are Articles of Association?
Articles of Association (AOA) is a secondary document that is constituted only after the MOA. It lays down the rules and regulations for the administration and management of the company. The articles lay down the right, responsibilities, powers, duties, etc of the members along with information regarding the accounts and audit of the company.

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