Cyber Crime Help Center

In the age of Internet cyber crime has become a common term and one no longer needs to break into banks to commit theft but can do sufficient damage sitting within the comforts of his home and pressing few buttons. With the advent of social networking sites, sensitive personal information, like your bank account details are just a click away from being hacked. We, at LawRato help you to deal with the problems of cyber crime by providing you the best lawyers specializing in this field, who would help you seek an appropriate legal remedy.

Criminal Bail Help Center

Right to life and personal liberty is an important right granted to all the citizens by the Constitution. Thus, the provision of bail has been made available in anticipation of arrest, so that liberty of an individual may not be unnecessarily jeopardized. No person should be confined in any way until and unless held guilty for an offence. Hence, this help centre gives you a detailed insight about bail, anticipatory bail and the various procedures followed that will guide you through the process of applying for bail and in worst case scenarios deciding on a trustworthy lawyer who can further represent you.