Immigration Law Videos - What to do if your visa application is rejected

A Visit visa is one which is required to be attained before entering another country for leisure purposes, may it be travelling, vacation, etc.
You should bring to your consular interview copies of your travel itinerary (including hotel reservations), plane tickets (including a return ticket), home and apartment leases, bank statements, and so on. Failure to provide convincing proof will result in your tourist visa being denied
If you have overstayed a past visa, or spent periods of time in the U.S. without authorization, you may have difficulty persuading the consular officer reviewing your visa application that you won't violate this visa, as well. In fact, if your unlawful presence added up to 180 days or more, you face an automatic bar to entry of three years. That number goes up to ten years if your period of unauthorized stay was one year or more.
The remedy in such cases is nothing as the decision of the deciding authority is final but there is no limit on re-application of a visa. One may apply soon after a visa is rejected. Such new application would be treated as a fresh application and the visa interview will take place afresh irrespective of the previous grounds that it was denied on.

So applying once again for the visit visa is the most viable and practical recourse in case the visa is rejected in the first place