Immigration Law Videos - Differences between immigrant and non-immigrant visa

One maybe looking to travel to the United States and in that process, choosing the right type of Visa is of utmost importance or else you could face problems like not being allowed entry into the United States, so it is important to know the functioning of different kinds of Visa's to make an informed choice for the same.
There are two general types of US visas available from US immigration services: immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas. Deciding which visa to choose is an important step, and will largely depend on your reasons for immigrating into the US as well as your intentions for immigration.
Applying for the wrong visa can mean delays in your application. It can also mean entry into the US without authorization to do what you intend to do in the US. For example, if you wish to study in the US, it is important to apply for US visas which allow you to live and study in the US during your course program. Otherwise, you may not qualify for school admission.
Immigrant Visa's are designed for people who wish to make the US their permanent residence. These Visa's are difficult to obtain as a limited number of these Visa's are available, and if there are no Visa's available currently, one maybe placed on the waiting list until a Visa becomes available. On the other hand, Non-Immigrant Visa's are much easier to obtain and usually do not involve waiting list. However many of these Visa's do not allow to live and work in the US for extended periods of time. Instead these Visa's are designed to allow visitors into the US temporarily for specific purposes.