How much does a Divorce Cost?

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April 13, 2021
By Advocate Chikirsha Mohanty

Even though it is impossible to answer the complex question of how much will a divorce actually cost, here are some deciding factors which will affect the total cost of divorce.

  • Divorce under mutual consent will cost lesser than a contested divorce.

  • Relationship of the estranged couple is a major factor; the more the couple disagrees on key issues, the more expensive the divorce will be

  • Divorce involving minor children will be more expensive as compared to a divorce with no children or adult children

  • Disagreement of a division of community property will increase the cost of the divorce

  • Divorces involving alimony are more expensive

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Estimating the Legal Costs of Divorce

  • Lawyer’s fee:

  1. A lawyer may charge by the hour or by charging a flat fee for legal work that is performed

  2. For divorce, the usual trend is to charge per hour because of the complexity of the nature of the case and the unpredictable nature.

  • Kind of Divorce:

  1. Mutual divorce costs lesser than an uncontested divorce

  2. Child support issues make the divorce more expensive

  3. If the divorce is a simple mutual procedure with no child support issue, it is easier to get a lawyer at a flat rate

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  • Payment options:

  1. Almost every lawyer will take an advance retainership fee

  2. This amount is usually not refundable

  • Filing fee and other expenses:

  1. This will include the out of pocket expenses of Xerox and prepare sets for filing

  2. Cost of mediator and accountant, if required

  3. Cost of travel

  4. Other miscellaneous expenses

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  • Tips to cut the cost

  1. Let your lawyer know if money is tight; s/he may be able to suggest you more viable alternatives

  2. Think twice before making a call or sending an email, especially in cases where the lawyer is charging you hourly

  3. Keep a list of non-urgent questions to ask and get them answered in one meeting

  4. If your spouse is in a better position financially, you could ask the judge to order the spouse to pay the legal fees.

How can a Lawyer help you?

Divorce is a stressful time for everyone involved. Hiring an attorney to complete a divorce is one way to reduce the stress of the divorce. While the attorney will need to gather information from you regarding the case, he or she will also take care of all the paperwork, allowing you more time to take care of yourself and your family. An experienceddivorce attorneycan give you expert advice on how to handle your divorce owing to his years of experience in handling such cases. You can also use LawRato'sFree Legal Adviceservice to get free advice on your case from expert divorce/matrimonial lawyers.A divorce lawyer is an expert on the laws and can help you avoid significant mistakes that may cause financial harm or will require future legal proceedings to correct. Thus, by hiring an attorney a person can make sure that he can avoid delay and get the divorce completed as quickly as possible.


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