Constitution Of India - SIXTY-FIRST (61) AMENDMENT


Statement of Objects and Reasons appended to the Constitution (Sixty-second Amendment) Bill, 1988 (Bill No. 129 of 1988) which was enacted as THE CONSTITUTION (Sixty-first Amendment) Act, 1988
Article 326 of the Constitution provides that the elections to the House of the People and to the Legislative Assembly of every State shall be on the basis of adult suffrage, that is to say, a person should not be less than 21 years of age. It has been found that many of the countries have specified 18 years as the voting age. In our country some of the State Governments have adopted 18 years of age for elections to the local authorities. The present-day youth are literate and enlightened and the lowering of the voting age would provide to the unrepresented youth of the country an opportunity to give vent to their feelings and help them become a part of the political process. The present-day youth are very much politically conscious. It is, therefore, proposed to reduce the voting age from 21 years to 18 years.
2. The Bill seeks to achieve the above object.
NEW DELHI; B SHANKARANAND. The 9th December, 1988.
THE CONSTITUTION (SIXTY-FIRST AMENDMENT) ACT, 1988 [28th March, 1989.] An Act further to amend the Constitution of India. BE it enacted by Parliament in the Thirty-ninth Year of the Republic of India as follows:-
1. Short title.- This Act may be called the Constitution (Sixty-first Amendment) Act, 1988.
2. Amendment of article 326.-In article 326 of the Constitution, for the words "twenty-one years", the words "eighteen years" shall be substituted.

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