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How to Conduct POSH Training Online for Employees?

The POSH laws mandate every employer to train his employees about workplace sexual harassment by conducting awareness programmes and workshops so that employees are sensitised about boundaries of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, and instances of unwelcome conduct are minimised.

It is humanly impossible to conduct offline training of employees because of various reasons such as multiple offices under an organisation or requirement of resources such as time and money which can be a difficult task to manage, new employees keep joining and old ones keep resigning, there can be language barriers between the employees etc.

To tackle this problem effectively, we have come up with online POSH training modules. Here are some of the easiest ways to develop an effective online POSH training:

  • Introduce POSH through a video of the Senior Management of the organization

    To help employees understand the importance of POSH (Prevention of Sexual Harassment) training, we can create a video of a senior manager talking about why employees should take this training. Using such videos will tell employees the management is committed and serious towards the training. Also, the involvement of the senior manager would create a positive impact on the organization on the employees as they feel that the management cares about their safe working environment.

  • Conduct a pre-test that includes various questions on Sexual Harassment

    After telling employees the importance of POSH training, it is now time to test their current knowledge. Conduct an online pre-test that includes several questions related to sexual harassment and what kind of behavior leads to sexual harassment. Based on the result, you can identify areas the learners need to be trained on. For instance, we can include questions such as “What is Sexual Harassment?”, “Whom should you approach if you are being harassed at the workplace?” etc.

  • Create engaging infographics to introduce laws on Sexual Harassment

    There are multiple laws against sexual harassment at workplace, violating them would lead to severe punishment. All these laws must be introduced to the employees effectively. The content related to laws is usually heavy and employees feel bored taking such content. To create interest in the course and engage learners, we can use infographics. They are the best way to depict such information as they help learners remember things for a long time. For example, we can use a timeline infographic to depict how the POSH law evolved in India from 1997 to 2013.

  • Introduce types of harassment using outlines

    Once the learner is aware of the laws related to sexual harassment, he should be taught about the types of harassment (e.g., Quid-Pro-Quo, Hostile Environment). Since the content is very sensitive, using real images might distract the learner from the course. Outlines come to the rescue in such situations. These outlines of images, usually filled in black help the learner concentrate more on the content.

  • Have a series of scenarios where the learner takes decisions

    In the end, we can test the learner’s understanding by creating a series of scenarios related to sexual harassment. In every scenario, we present a situation that takes place at the workplace and ask the learner to decide whether the behavior leads to sexual harassment. Based on his response, we can provide the feedback on why he is correct when the right answer is selected or why he is incorrect when a wrong answer is selected.

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November 12, 2019 How to Conduct POSH Training Online for Employees?

Very nice article. Can you also share a draft training module?


on May 14, 2023

Is it mandatory to conduct POSH training of employees?


on Apr 16, 2023

Thanks for info. Very helpful for my company POSH training


on May 01, 2023

Want to conduct POSH training for my company. Who to contact?


on May 19, 2023

Do we have to train every new employee as and when they join?


on Apr 28, 2023